22-Chapter 21: Water Attributes Now Available

The date has changed.

The date has changed, and today is the day to complete the request.
Even though I've become an adventurer and have enough money for living, it's only by doing requests.

'This is your first request to take down a Red Wolf. Defeating a Red Wolf--how difficult is this?

'Red Wolves don't act in packs, so they're probably easy to kill.

'So it's perfect for us who just got D rank.

'I'm sure you'll be able to handle stronger demons.

Aleria seems to be very overconfident about my strength.

'Adventurers get caught flat-footed when they're overconfident. It's best to be cautious, and to walk on stony ground. You only have one life.

I'm not sure if it's appropriate for me, a reincarnated person, to say this line, but I suppose it's what people think.
Characters in manga and anime are usually caught off guard and fall into trouble.

I can't tell you how many times I've thought to myself, "I could have avoided that if I'd just been more careful. ......
I'm sure I could do better.

In the case of this request, instead of getting carried away and accepting a request with a high degree of difficulty, I will proceed in a steady, orderly, and straightforward manner, little by little.

This is the best way to ensure your survival.

'Didn't Yuki say to be confident in a cool way yesterday?

'There's a difference between being confident and being proud. Even if it's a bit of a detour, moving in a certain direction and accumulating successes will lead to confidence. Well, there are times when you can't turn your back on something. Like last time, when you're having trouble making ends meet.

Aleria nodded her head.

'Yuki is the kind of adventurer that demons would least want to deal with. ......'

So, I decided to accept the Red Wolf's request this time.
If you kill 10 Red Wolves, you get the request.
However, this time, the request is irregular: the more Red Wolves you kill, the more you get.

In other words, if you kill 100 red wolves, you will have accomplished the request 10 times.

Red Wolf

The Red Wolf, as the name suggests, looks like a wolf.
It is said to act alone, which is unusual for a wolf.

We visited Mount Karlon.
We climbed up from the forest at the foot of the mountain to get there.

'Oh, there it is! It's a red wolf!

'There it is. Let's get one. Let's check it out.

First, check its status with the evil eye.

Name: Red Wolf Lv.3
Class: Demon
Skill:Fang of Flame

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Attack Power: D
Defense: E
Attack Speed: E
Movement Speed: E
Magic Attack Power: E
Magic Resistance: E
Mental Strength: E
Life Force: D
Magic Power: E

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It seems to be no problem.

I hold the magic sword Berserk in my right hand and slowly sneak up on Red Wolf.
Red Wolf notices my presence and prepares to fight.

The Red Wolf jumps, and its flaming fangs attack.


I dodged and placed my sword against the Red Wolf's body.
It was only a light hit, but--

Juju .......

And with a sound like water evaporating, the Red Wolf died.

'Master, how was the attribute attack?

Sui, who was floating near me, spoke to me.

'The attribute attack?

'Didn't the Red Wolf sizzle?

'Come to think of it, it felt strange to have slashed it with a sword.'

'That's because Sui is now under Master's control, so she can use the water attribute~!

'I see. But what good does it do to be able to use the water attribute?

'It doubles the attack power against fire demons~!

'That's great. Is it possible that the attribute is what allowed you to instantly kill the Red Wolf earlier?

'No, that was just master's power. He should be able to defeat it with his strength alone, so swords and attributes don't matter.

So the Red Wolf is too weak to test his strength.
Well, he was a small fish even when I compared his status.

'Hey Sui, is there any magic that can gather the scattered Wolves in one place?

'Hmm, we don't have that, but we might be able to lure them with Sui's magic power.'

'That's good enough. Please.'

Red Wolves don't move in packs.
It might be good for a novice adventurer, but if you can kill them with a single blow, it's more efficient to deal with several at once.

You can ask Sui to gather up the Red Wolves and kill them all at once.
You'll get more kills in one go, and your rank will increase.

I've found that D-rank requests are not enough for me.
I want to raise my rank to C as soon as possible.

'I've got him!

'Okay, thank you, Sui.

Sui brought a hundred Red Wolves with her.
He swings the magic sword Berserk lightly with one hand.
It does not directly slay Red Wolves with its blade. It attacks only with a slash.


The slash cut through the air and buried most of the Red Wolves.
Dispose of the ones you missed and be done with it.

If I keep doing this, I should be able to achieve the requirement of 100 requests for promotion to C rank soon.

'Yuki is amazing. I wish I could be of some help. ......'

Aleria complimented him as usual, but he seemed to be in low spirits.
I wonder if she felt sick from dealing with the demon.

I'm a little worried. Let's kill a thousand Red Wolves and call it a day.