21-Episode 20: Arelia is too cute.


Sheli clicks her tongue loudly.

'How can such an ugly person be better than me? Isn't that right! You've got rotten eyes!

'Who's that ugly b*tc* you're talking about?

'Huh, I mean that blonde, stupid-looking woman over there. Oh, you poor thing. ......'

She wants to call Aleria ugly and stupid.
Sheli's words make Aleria shrivel up.

If it was just about me, I wouldn't be able to take it anymore, but now that she's cursing Alelia.

'If you think you can raise yourself up by lowering others, then I guess I can understand. Even if you were better looking than Aleria, a woman without character would be unattractive. Well, this is just a hypothetical, and even her looks are not that far off.

Aleria is not only beautiful. She has the character of a princess.
She's not sitting on her looks and status like someone else.

I know what you're really thinking! Why don't you get rid of that little b*tc*? Just touch my tits and you'll change your mind.

Sheli forcefully took my hand and tried to press it against her breast.
...... Goodness, it's true what they say, "You can't fix stupid until you die. It seems that this guy will not be cured even if he dies.


I shook off Ceili's hand and slapped her hand.

'Ouch, ......, that's terrible, hitting a woman!

'Yeah, you're right. I've never been violent with a woman either. That's why I've never been violent with a woman.'

'What about ......? I don't get it.'

'Then let me make it clear. You're not attractive as a woman. ...... No, you're no longer a woman.'


'End of story. From your blatant, forceful, and persistent behavior, it appears that someone has given you an order. Tell Fabrice I'll kill him next time I see him. Next time I find him, I'll kill him.

'...... Ah,...... Ah,......'

Ceili couldn't say anything back.
A muffled voice tries to come out, but stops halfway.

She has no interest in the crouching Sheli.

'Aleria, what are you waiting for? We're leaving.'

I took Aleria's hand.

I took her hand.

'Oh, ......, sir! Thank you very much. Yuki, thank you so much for protecting me. ......'

Right after I returned to the inn.
Aleria thanked me.

'What are you talking about? I'm not protecting you.'

'But you said a lot of things on my behalf when I couldn't say anything back after what Sheli said to me. ......'

'All I said was facts. It's my belief that displaying obvious facts doesn't count as protecting.

'Facts are not that big of a deal ......'.

'Well, I have to admit that the first day I met him, I thought he was a crazy guy because of the crazy things he said.

For example, he ran away from the empire to become an adventurer and didn't come back even though he was in trouble, and he proposed to make a fait accompli.
But the more we lived together, the more I began to understand Aleria's charms.

She is not a calculating person.
To say she's a natural is a bit of a misnomer, but she's pure.
There is no malice in Aleria. And yet, she is curious and unconventional.

'And she's not only beautiful on the inside, she's also beautiful on the outside. Whether she's the most beautiful woman in the world or not, she's the prettiest woman I've ever seen.

'Yeah, I've never been complimented that much before: ....... I'm flattered.'

Aleria's face turned red and she covered her face with her hands.
There was no need to be embarrassed, though, because it was true.

'You can be confident, Aleria. Well, I don't want her to be as arrogant as Siri, but being too insensitive can be disgusting to the haves. And I'm not flattering you.

'Are you confident ......?

'Well, I'm sure Aelyria will be in great demand, so it will come naturally to you. You can think of this as a good experience. Even Ciri knows that Aleria is attractive. It's called jealousy.

...... maybe.
If you really think you're the most beautiful woman in the world and Aleria looks ugly, you need to see a doctor.

I don't know if it's going to go away or if the doctors will just give up.

'Okay. Thank you for everything, Yuki. I think I'm feeling more positive.'

'I'm glad you're feeling better. Actually, my original plan was to have a nice dinner, do you want to go now?'

'No, the food outside is delicious, but the food in this room with Yuki is the best.'

'I see. You're gaining confidence, it's a good feeling.


'Hmm? Because the food we eat all the time is made by Aleria, right? There's not much I can do. Doesn't that mean you're confident in your cooking skills?

'Well, ...... that's not what I mean, but it's delicious to cook and eat together with Yuki. ...... No, it's nothing, please pretend I didn't ask!

What am I in a hurry to do?
I'm just complimenting Aleria.

I'm just complimenting Aleria. And Yuki said that being insensitive can be sarcastic. You should be careful too, Yuki!

'Oh,......, okay.'

Did something offend you ......?
I said I understood, but I have no idea.