20-Episode 19: I was approached by a brave woman.

The next day

The next day, Aleria and I were visiting an equipment store in the commercial district of the capital.
Robes are the most common equipment for adventurers.

For adventurers who travel for long periods of time, robes are lightweight, easy to move around in, and provide a good amount of protection.

I've been wearing robes since my reincarnation, but I'm reaching the limit of wearing the same clothes every day.
I need at least two robes, because if I don't have any other clothes while I'm washing one, I'll have to stay naked.

It's not just me, but Aelyria as well.
She ran away with nothing but her clothes on and doesn't have a replacement.

'Aleria, don't you like this?

'I'm embarrassed ......!

'Really? It's pink and I thought it would look good on you.'

A full-body pink feminine robe.
I'm sure Aleria will look lovely in it.

'Yuki's taste in clothing choices is devastating. ......'

Is that so much to ask? .......
I have no experience with women, so I can't be expected to have good taste, but I wonder if popular men have good taste from the start.

'Let's decide on Yuki's robe first, rather than mine! That golden robe is perfect for Yuki!

Yeah, ...... that's the only thing that's not .......
I don't like the idea of gold, it's in bad taste and makes me look like some kind of peeing hero.

'I fully understand Aleria's lack of taste in choosing clothes. I'll let you decide for yourself.

'Well, then I'll decide on my own too!

In a mysterious rivalry, each of us decided to choose our own clothes.

I stopped my eyes at the black robe.
Not too plain, not too flashy, just right.
Besides, the sound of a black swordsman is kind of cool.

Okay, I've decided on this one!

After I decided on the robe to buy, Aleria's robe was also decided soon after.

'I'll take this one. The white robe with the red accents really suits you!

'Oh, it's quite nice. The dignified look also suits you.

'Yuki also looks cool in black robes! Not many people look good in black, but it's perfect for you!

I'm not sure if it really suits me when Aleria praises me, but it's a reaction to my own sense of style, and there was nothing else I could think of.

'Okay, I guess this is it then.

I'm glad I could make a satisfactory purchase.
Compared to apparel stores in Japan, there are fewer variations, but the designs of equipment stores in other worlds - or at least in the capital - are more sophisticated one by one.

If you're a normal adventurer, you'll probably want to limit the number of clothes you buy because you'll have to pack more, but I can use the item slots, an infinite storage space that's almost a cheat.

I'm sure I'll buy more if I find something I like.

◇ After you leave the equipment store, you will see the following

After leaving the equipment store, the plan for the day was to have dinner with Aleria and hang around.

You're Matsusaki Yuki, aren't you? What a coincidence that we bumped into each other here! I feel like I'm doomed!

Somehow, there was a female heroine.
Only a hero has a pure white staff. She must be the brave one.
She's wearing a robe that strangely emphasizes her body lines. It doesn't seem practical.

Regardless of this, perhaps because I am of a certain age in real life, my ability to tell a lie from a lie is reasonably well trained.
I knew from the tone of voice, the movement of the face, and the tone of the voice that this brave woman was lying about something.

'So I don't know your name.

'Oh, excuse me. I'm Sheli Galtier. As you can see, I'm a hero of recovery.'

'I see, I see. Strange coincidences do happen. Tell Fabrice to take care of my bad reputation as soon as possible.'

With that, I turn to leave, taking Aleria with me.

'Hold on, sir. I have a crush on you, Yuki.'

'What about ......?'

My mind was filled with a lot of question marks.
In the first place, I don't understand the definition of love at first sight. In other words, this guy was watching the person he fell in love with at first sight being treated badly without saying a word, or rather, he was watching along with her.

Even if he fell in love with her afterwards, it is not love at first sight.

There are many things I want to say, but time is wasting.
Let's start with the conclusion.

'I don't care what you think of me, Sheli, but I can't live up to your feelings for me.

'...... Huh. You've got a lot of nerve, dismissing my confession. Who are you?'

'What's wrong with you all of a sudden?

'How dare you reject the confession of me, the number two of the brave party with the most beautiful good looks in the world!

What the hell is this guy saying?
You're crazy, aren't you?

'...... I don't understand what you're saying. If you're the most beautiful woman in the world and the number two in a party of brave men, why would that make you fall in love with them? At least I don't see it.

'...... become ......!

'So you're saying that you like authority? It's called stupidity to assume that because you're like that, they'll be like that too.

'I'm ...... an idiot?

Sheli's face turned red as she glared at me.
Not intimidated by this, I continued speaking.

'I'm not wasting any more time talking to you. ...... Can you leave now? I'm sure it's no coincidence that you're here anyway.