19-Episode 18: Alchemy has raised the level of propor...

I returned to the inn.

After returning to the inn, I took a shower to wash off my sweat and immediately started working on my alchemy.
This is a new skill I just learned today, Alchemy.
My level doesn't allow me to increase the skill level yet, but I want to see how much I can use it at level 1.

Take out the Holy Flower, Blue Herb, and Red Herb from the item slots.
Then, I tried to use alchemy.
On the way home, I bought a bottle to keep the potions in.

The magic potions are Holy Flower and Blue Herb.
The life potions are Holy Flower and Red Herb.

Let's try the magic potions first.

When you use alchemy, the holy flowers and blue herbs will be enveloped in a pale light.
And then--

'It's done. For all intents and purposes, it's a magic potion.

The MP used was about 10.
Next, I set about making a Life Force Potion.
This also went without a hitch.

Magic Potion x10
Life Potion x10

I made 10 of each without fail.

It's quite a useful skill.
But - the price of the potions is not very high. A bottle of potion costs about 5 copper coins.
By the standards of when I lived in Japan, that's 500 yen. That's one coin.

Because adventurers often use these items, there is an oversupply and they are cheap.

The advantage is that you can make it yourself when the supply is low.
But to be frank, it's too costly at present.

If you sell it, you can make a lot of money, but compared to other skills, it seems to be too simple.

'Oh, by the way, alchemy is ......'.

I'll think about the meaning of the word 'alchemy'.
The potion I just made can be made without any skills.
It's a simple synthesis of ingredients. The tedious process seems to be gone, but it's not alchemy.

I tried to use alchemy on magic potions.
I consumed two magic potions.

'What the hell is this ......?

A magic potion is a magic potion, but it's different from an ordinary one.
It shines slightly.
It's not reflecting light, but emitting it.

Let's try it with a life force potion.
Consume two life potions and use alchemy.

'What ......?

Only the consumed life force potion disappeared and the glowing potion did not appear.
Is it limited to magic potions ......?

No, it's too early to draw any conclusions.
When I tried again, this time I succeeded in creating a shining life force potion.

'So it's possible to fail.

I'm starting to understand what alchemy is all about.

You can make normal items.
You can synthesize the same item.
There are times when it fails.

That's all I know at this point.

Then I tried some things.
I tried alchemy again on shining potions, and made many of the same items.
As a result, I found that

The success rate of potion lv1 (normal) to potion lv2 (shining) is 50%.
The success rate of potion lv2 (shining) to potion lv3 (even more shining) is 25%.

I haven't been able to try Lv4 due to lack of materials to buy new clothes, but I guess the success rate will be even lower.
It may be that the success rate can be increased by raising the level of 'alchemy'.

'Yuki, the shower is over. It's time to prepare dinner... What's this? It looks like a potion ......, but I've never seen one like this before!

Aleria came out of the shower.
No wonder Aleria was surprised. I was surprised at first too.

'I increased the level of the potion. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's ...... more powerful than normal potions.

Otherwise, there's no reason to use alchemy to reduce the number of potions.

'You didn't put anything strange in there, did you ......?'

'The only ingredients are 'holy flowers', 'blue herbs' and 'red herbs'. It's no different from ordinary potions.''

'So you can make something like this ......! I mean, if you can make potions without any equipment and fetch the ingredients yourself, wouldn't it be great if you became a potion merchant!

If you put it that way, you're right.

'It's a hassle to sell them myself, but it'd be nice if I could sell them wholesale to potion merchants. Merchants have better business know-how than you, and since it's something you put in your mouth, it takes time to gain their trust. In addition, the scale of the amount sold is different, so the profit is also different by an order of magnitude.

'Are you a genius, Yuki! How can you even think of such a thing!''

''Hmm? Isn't that common sense?''

The division of labor is more efficient in every way and is a good risk hedge.
Opening a store requires initial capital, but if you just wholesale, you don't need to set up a store, so you can save that money as well.
I think this is a common sense thing.

'It's not common sense at all! At least I can't think of any!

'Is that so? ......'

Are you okay? This country. Or rather, this world.
It looks like medieval Europe, so maybe the education is still immature.

Considering that Aleria is a member of the royal family, it makes my head hurt to imagine the standard of the common people.