18-Episode 17: I just collected it normally.

《I've learned a new skill, Demon's Eye.》

Looks like he learned a new skill again.
A new skill right after Sui's arrival. Although I can't aim and time it right, I can predict what will happen after it happens, so I'm no longer surprised when I suddenly hear a voice.

On the way back to the guild in King's Landing, I tried to use the "Demon's Eye".
There are few demons in the Karlon Plains, but that doesn't mean there are none. I just found a demon, so I used it.

Name: Slime Lv.1
Class: Demon
Skills: None
MP: 420/420

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I see, so it's more like an appraisal skill than a magic eye.
I'll check the second page.

Attack: E
Defense: E
Attack Speed: E
Movement Speed: E
Magic Attack Power: E
Magic Resistance: E
Mental Strength: E
Life Force: E
Magic power: E

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This means that you can check the status of the demon with the demon's eye, while you can only see the status of yourself.
This is an excellent skill because it allows you to analyze the strength of the demon even at first sight.

However, the status (details) is not meaningless either.
You can't use the magic eye unless you have it in your sight. Most of the places do not have mirrors, so you can use it in different ways.

I checked the status of various demons along the way, and so far it seems to work for all of them.

I took a look at Aleria's status, and to my surprise, I could see all of her status ratings.

You can see the HP and MP of your party members before, but now you can see even more detailed information.

Many of the statuses of others that can be seen with the Status Open spell are not public.
However, with this magical eye, you can see their skills and evaluations.

It's a little awkward to look into other people's personal information, but it will be useful when the time comes.

I'll be back.

I'm back at the guild in King's Landing.
After completing the request, you need to deliver the requested item to the guild to get the achievement.

The staff of the guild seems to be on a rotating basis, so today it was someone other than the usual receptionist.
That's fine, though, because she was working in the morning, and if she had been there before, she would have been too blackmailed to work.

'I'd like to deliver 'holy flowers', 'blue medicinal herbs' and 'red medicinal herbs'.

'Um, where are the ...... items?'

'Oh, here.'

I took out the number of items I had stored in the item slots for delivery and placed them on the counter.
The counter was quite spacious, but with a total of 800 plants, there was no room left.

'What, what? What kind of magic is that? I mean, what's with the number!

I'm like a receptionist with lots of questions.

'I don't know if this is magic, but the number of ...... is only for the requests I've received. I have a few more sets in stock.

'There should be such a large number of requests, but ...... you've received 10 at once! I received them in the morning and delivered this number at noon,......, and I still have extra,......, that's absolutely crazy!

I don't know why people are looking at me with suspicion.
I just collected them as usual.

'But it's too fresh to have been bought, and the cost of asking other adventurers for it is too high. ...... Hmm, I'll have to trust you.'

'So, the request has been fulfilled?'

'Yes, of course. We need to get the numbers right, but we're pretty sure. May I take your guild card?'

'Of course.

Aleria and I will each hand in our guild cards.
Requests can be taken either solo or as a party. The reward for completing the task will be shared among the party, but everyone will be treated as having completed it.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
I'm not a brave man, but I'm not a brave woman either.

'Yes, but--'

'There's been a lot of talk about the fact that there's a handsome newcomer who defeated Regulus-sama and won the final exam without a fight, but this makes sense!

''Oh, okay.

Whether he's good-looking or not is debatable, but other than that, you're right.
By the way, my self-evaluation is that I'm a normal guy, but maybe the standards are different in other worlds.

'Oh, and you've both been promoted to D rank for completing 10 requests! ......, Yuki, you became an adventurer for the first time today, right? It's unheard of for someone to be promoted to D rank on their first day!

Well, I guess that's what happens when you follow that guide.
It's just too inefficient.

'Even if it's unheard of, don't you think there are people who can complete 10 requests in no time? It's nice of you to praise me, but it's just a coincidence.

'The fastest record so far is three days, and that's Regulus-sama!

'Oh, yeah, .......'

'Oh, yeah, ' 'But three days is pretty fast if you're doing it right. Maybe.

'Here's your new D rank guild card! I hope you'll continue to do well!

The E rank guild certificate was titanium-like, but the D rank guild certificate was a pale green metal plate like an emerald.

It's interesting to see how the design of the guild cards gets a little more massive and cooler with each rank, just like in a game.

Now, I have 10 silver coins. It's enough to buy new clothes if I sell some of the extra potion materials I've collected.
Tomorrow, I'll take a rest and go shopping.