17-Episode 16: "Water-eye Winged Dragon" wants to be ...

'Oh ...... wise man ...... I've been waiting for you.'

'No, wait, I don't know you.

At least not well enough to be waiting for you. I'll remember you if you are.
I mean, this is the first time I've seen such a big creature since my previous life.

'I am the "Water-Eyed Pterosaur"--as the humans call me. In all ages, dragons live with wise men. I'm attracted to things that exceed the wisdom and power of a dragon in human form.

'I don't know about the dragon's reasons, but I'm not that attracted to it. ......'

'When you take me under your command, you will surely enjoy great power, Sage-sama.

Great power.
I don't need that kind of power, as long as I can live a happy life personally.

'No, no, subordinate means pet, right? I don't want it to be that big. ......'

'Don't worry. It can be made smaller so it won't get in the way.''

The Pterosaur of the Water Eye became smaller and smaller, and became as cute as a stuffed animal.
I've seen this somewhere before.

'A baby dragon or ......?

'That's my master! You know so much! Your strength is still the same, only your body is smaller!

Interestingly, the tone of voice has also become cute.
The baby dragon now sits on my shoulder.

'This size is acceptable. If you want to be my pet, that's fine with me, but I'll have to ask Alelia's permission. --Aleria, I'm thinking of getting a baby dragon, what do you think?'

I called out to Aleria, who was standing nearby, stunned.

'Don't you think I have the right to veto that? I'm not opposed to it. ......'

With Aleria's permission, all the conditions were in place.

'Good for you. We get to keep you.'

'Yay, I'm so happy! Oh, by the way, Master.

'Hmm, what's wrong?

'I'm sorry for being so cruel to my master's mate.

'If it's about Aleria, she's not hurt at all, so there's no problem.

'I don't mean that, I mean the seven of you there, okay?

The baby dragon turned to look at the seven wounded heroes.

'Oh, that's not one of us, so don't apologize.

'Is that so?'

'I know them by face, but we're not close. If anything, we're worse.'

'I see. Then I guess you're Master's enemy. Should I kill him?'

The baby dragon glanced at Fabrice.

This guy's got a small frame and a big mouth. ......

'...... No, no, no, no! I'll do anything, anything! I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. I'll give you the leader of the brave party now! It's not a bad offer, right? What?

'No, that's not normal. You're the one who kicked me out. You remember what I said, right?'

--'If you're not a brave man, then stay out of my life, you little shit! It's not just me. That's the consensus of the brave party! The words of Fabrice come back to my mind.

'To borrow your words, you have no obligation to help the weak...'

'I take it back! You're not weak at all! So please help me, !!!!.'

'Don't think it's easy to undo something once you've said it.

'......Hey, I really, really mean it! Ugh ...... I don't want to die.'

He's a self-centered guy to a fault. .......
It's hard to tell which one is the bad guy in this flow.

'First of all, you don't have to kill these guys. They're not worth getting your hands dirty over.'

Fabrice patted his chest, relieved.
His complexion has improved.

'But don't get the wrong idea. You can still kill him whenever you want to.'

'I know, I know.'

'Also, there's one more condition to keep you alive. I'm not sure what to do. Deny all the bad publicity that has spread about me. And apologize for the outrageous things you've done.

'That's .......'

'What, you can't?

'I'd love to, but I've got the king's approval and everything, and I've got ......'

'You'll have to do something about that. Or--'

He glanced at the baby dragon.
Fabrice's face turned pale.

'Okay, okay! I'll do it! I'll definitely take care of this! So please let me go!

'If you could, you would have said so from the beginning.

We got the deal.
I don't know if I'll do it or not, but it's better to bet on this than to kill him.
If I kill the hero, there is a high possibility that I will be unilaterally made the bad guy.

I'm at the bottom of the heap, partly due to the manipulation of information.

'Aleria, it's time to go back to the guild.

'What about the heroes?

'Just leave them alone. Some of them are probably only slightly injured, and help will come if they need it.'

'Okay, sir!

'Um, master.'


'I need a name. I can't be of any use to my master without a name!

'A name. ...... 'Pterosaur of the Water Eye', Sui? No, I didn't have the sense to name it. If you don't like it, get another one--'

'Sui ...... is a good name! Thank you, master!

'I'm glad you're satisfied, but ...... yeah.'

I completed 10 requests, collected the materials for potions at Plus, Sui became my pet, and I got the heroes to say that they would restore my honor.

It's a pretty fulfilling adventurer's life, isn't it?