16-Episode 15: The Brave Was Struggling

〜A party of heroes.

At that time, the seven heroes had traveled to the depths of the Karlon Forest.

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

These heroes are here on the king's orders.
The pterosaur, which was mortally wounded about a thousand years ago, sealed itself away and will be resurrected in a perfect state a thousand years from now--the timing of its resurrection is now.

If the pterosaur resurrected properly, there was a risk that the Royal Capital would be severely damaged.
The newly resurrected pterosaur would be in a state of confusion. I was told to take it down while it was still confused.

'King Selbert himself didn't really believe that. Well, even if it really comes back, I'll bury it with a single blow from my strongest sword. I won't let Sheli get even a scratch on you, handsome.''

'Oh my! That's Fabrice. I'm counting on you.

While the chilly conversation between Fabrice and Sheli was going on, the other heroes were not paying attention and were chattering about useless things.

They believed in the strength of the individual, and had no intention of working together.

'This shrine! Oh, there's nothing here. Pfft, are they afraid of Fabrice?'

'That's Sheli. You've got a keen eye.'

'Not really. I can say that because I know Fabrice better than anyone else in the world.''

As we continued our fruitless conversation, a cracking sound escaped from the shrine.

'What's that noise?

'It's probably just my imagination. There's no way there really is a pterosaur. ......'

Crack, crack, crack!

A crack appeared in the shrine, and a black light leaked out.
The black light turns into a rain cloud and spews out lightning one after another.

The lightning continued to strike the shrine in succession, and--

'...... Oh no!

A huge blue pterodactyl appeared.

'What ......? No, no, wait! It's okay. I'm a brave man! We can't lose if we fight properly. Okay, Catan, you have to block the dragon's attack!

Fabrice instructed Catan, the shield-bearer.

'What? That's impossible! You're killing me! If you want to go, you can do it on your own! I'm running away.

'What? You're a brave man with a shield, and your strength is in your hardness! If you're a brainiac, go ahead like a brainiac!

The situation is getting worse even while we're splitting up.

The water-eyed pterodactyl breathed out a bright blue breath.
The part of the body that was directly hit was hit by a tremendous shock.

The huge old tree and the demons in the area disappeared the moment they were touched by the breath.

'U,ughhhhhh !!!!'

Fabrice shouted.
I'm dying. You can't escape. I'll die for sure.

That's all he could think about.
I have to run. I want to survive, no matter who I have to sacrifice...

The dragon's breath strikes right next to Fabrice.
He was blown away by the blast and flew through the air.

He was blown over ten meters and could not move his body.

'Ho, did you break a bone ......?

I tried to move, but my legs were weak.
And it's bent in a weird way.

You'll be able to see the pterodactyl with the water eye.

'Don't come here ...... ...... don't come here ...... don't come here !!!!'


'It was kind of a big shock. Is that a ...... brave man over there?

I'm not sure why a party of brave men and women would be here, but for some reason a party of brave men and women led by Fabrice were all here.

But all of them seemed to be injured in some way.
And when you look up in the sky, you see a huge dragon.

'Oh ...... I see.'

'That's a bad idea! Yuki, let's get out of here right now!

'Yeah, right. ...... I have a feeling we shouldn't get involved in that.'

And then we were going back the way we came, but...

'So, that's Masaki Yuki there! No, it doesn't have to be! It doesn't matter who it is! Save me, save me!

'He's ...... too much .......'

The dragon didn't miss Fabrice's attempt to talk to us.


Breath is flying at us.
Thanks to the warding magic, there was no damage, but--

'Oh dear ......, that's not good. The walls have been breached.'

Before you have time to rebuild, the second shot comes flying at you.

'd*mn it, Arelia! Stay away from me!'

I thought about what might happen and let Aleria go.
Then, I slash the breath with my magic sword, Berserk--


I'm not sure if the enemy dragons were expecting me to slash their breath with my sword, but they seemed confused.

But that's understandable.

For what it's worth, I didn't think I could cut it either.
The breath stopped flying and it became still for a while.
Then, unbelievably, the dragon spoke.

'Gululu...... could it be you, sage......?'

'......Is it?'

I check Fabrice's condition.
He was watching the interaction between the blue dragon and us with his head in his hands.

In a way, this is normal.
However, there was one sight that was not normal.

Fabrice's crotch was damp, as if it had been wetted by water.
--Apparently, he was so terrified that he had shat himself.