56-Episode 55: I've heard about the situation.

The knighthood ceremony went off without a hitch.

The knighthood ceremony went off without a hitch.
There's nothing special about it. It was a formal ceremony, so I just got the title from the king and was praised by the lords around me who wanted to have connections.

I'm not a good communicator, so I'm tired of meeting so many people.
I have one more task to finish today.

I've been busy for the past few days with my title and internal affairs, so there's something I've been putting off.

Questioning the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demons, Kerkas, who is gathering dust in the item slot.
The matter of Kerkas has been kept secret between me and Regulus, as he is dead.

It's not a secret from Aleria and Aina, but I haven't told them because I haven't had a chance to tell them.
In my office, alone, I took out the Kerkass.

I kept it in the same state as it was at the time, so it's still unconscious.
While I'm at it, I'll tie him to a chair and cuff him five times, just in case.
After a while of digesting his work, he woke up Kerkass.

'Where am I ......?'

'I see you're awake.

'You're a brave ......!

Do you still think I'm a brave ....... man?
When I was dumbfounded, Kerkass jerked around and tried to get out of the chair.
But he can't seem to get any strength into his body.

'I've got you tied up with a magic tool, so there's no point in trying to resist.

'Well ......, it seems so. It's humiliating that I, the Four Heavenly Kings, am in this situation.

'Also, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not a hero?

'If you weren't a hero, you wouldn't be able to kill me, let alone capture me! But that's strange.

Kerkass finally noticed. It's too late.

'That's right. I don't have any heroic weapons. They all had fancy weapons with bad taste, but I only have a magic sword.

He hit the ground with his sword.

So, I've been defeated by a mere kid who isn't even a hero. ......! When did the human race become so strong?

'Well, I guess that's it. It seems I'm a little stronger than the others, but it seems my friends had a good fight with the demon tribe too. It's not like I'm helpless against demons.

'It's too late for that ....... So what do you want with me? Why didn't you kill me?'

'You seem to know a lot of things, and it's not too late to kill me after hearing about it, right? Also, it would be a waste to kill you normally, so you can experiment on the demon's body, or dissect it when it's dead to find out how it works.

Kerkass was speechless.

'You ...... are more terrifying than me, a demon. Are you crazy ......?'

'Well, that depends on my mood. I don't need to experiment on you or kill you, so I can just go get another demon somewhere else--it depends on how you answer.

I lifted the corners of my mouth, looking down at Kerkass.

'You're not threatening me here!

'No, no, it's a suggestion. You give me the information I want, and I won't kill you or experiment on you. I'll guarantee your life. You know what to do.'

'...... What is it you want to ask me?'

You're a very understanding demon.
He's decisive and he seems smarter than Fabrice.
He understands power relations well.

'Well... let's start with the reason why you attacked the elf village. We don't need a facade reason to resurrect the evil dragon. What were you planning to do by resurrecting the evil dragon?

'Our true purpose is to conquer the capital. And we planned to sacrifice many times as many people as the elves' villages and summon even more powerful old dragons. I thought it would be easy as long as there was an evil dragon. --But we were naive.

'You're strangely cautious. Why didn't you attack King's Landing directly?

'I needed a force capable of slaughtering the heroes. I was the only one who could take on the heroes. I'm not sure I could take on seven of them unscathed.

Apparently, Kerkass also overestimates the heroes.
In reality, their leader, Fabrice, has been completely defeated by Arelia.

'I see, that's unfortunate. Now for the next question. I heard that the demon tribe is under the direct control of the Demon Lord, but where is the Demon Lord?

The basic rule of warfare is to strike from the head.
I guess the theory is to defeat the Four Heavenly Kings one by one and approach the Demon Lord, but it's too much trouble to spend too much time here. I want to defeat the Demon Lord quickly and solve this problem.

'Huh, are you that concerned about the Demon Lord's whereabouts?

'Why don't you just tell me where he is? I hope it's just bones, but if it's not, you might lose your arm.''

I grabbed Kelkas' arm with my bare hand.
If I twist it like this, I can snap it off. He might rip it off if he's too strong.
If I heal him with potions, he won't die.

'I'm not going to lie to you. I value my life too. But I don't know where the Demon Lord is either. No, I'm not the only one. On the contrary, the demon tribe has never seen the face of the Great Being.

'What about ......?'