106- 105

Nine o'clock in the morning.

Nine o'clock in the morning.

After attending Julius' morning training, he treated me to breakfast and we left the Imperial Castle.

Today, Aleria is going to show me around the Imperial City.

Regardless of the matter of the spellbook, it's not like I'm here on business, so I'm really in a sightseeing mood.

No, it's not a mood, it's just sightseeing. .......

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: .......

Well, since her sister came back after a long time and said that she would leave again after a while, is it natural for her to want to stay with her as long as possible?

'Aleria, have you already decided where you're going?

'First, we'll go shopping in the commercial district, eat some delicious food, and then go to ...... ...... hmm?'

'So you have no plan ......?

'This is what they call resourcefulness!

Misha cowered in disgust.

Aina and I were also disappointed.

'We'll go out to eat later, but commercial districts are similar in King's Landing. Every country deals with similar things.

That may be true.

In my previous life, I have been to local cities on business or on vacation, but the scenery of the city center does not change much no matter where I go.

Even during the previous monarchy, the country was not closed to the outside world, and imported goods were still coming in.

'What is unique to the imperial capital is the amusement park, isn't it?

'Oh, that's right!

'That's usually the first thing that comes to mind, isn't it?

'Heh heh~'

I'm sorry that the two of us are getting excited, but I have no idea.

The word sounds like a place where you can play. .......

'Is a playground ......?

My question was answered by Aina.

'A playground is a store that has a lot of games!


Aina didn't even seem to understand the game, but I did.

I never thought I'd hear this word even in this very game-like world. .......

'Aina, just think of a game as a toy that uses magic tools.

Misha's explanation came in quickly.

At least in the capital, there was no such thing, and from what the two of them had said, it was safe to assume that it was something unique to the imperial capital.

By the time it spreads throughout the empire, rumors of it will have spread to the capitals of other countries as well, so it must really be something known only in the imperial capital.

'Is the playground something that has recently appeared?'

'Yes. The game itself is a really recent development. ....... Well, it's a bit of a windy place, so you have to be careful.

'Windy? In what way?

'That's what old people tend to say. 'Playing games makes you dumber,' or 'Playing games makes you angry.
'By the way, is that true?

'I can't say for sure that it's false ......, but at least there's no evidence. I think they're just making fun of it because it's youth culture.

'I see.

It seems that the same history repeats itself everywhere.

If they can't understand or accept something new, they should just leave it alone, but rarely do they attack like the old man in Misha's story.

'Yuki, are you alright ......?'

Aina looked at me uneasily.

I see, she seems to have gotten a little scared after hearing what I just said.

'I'm interested. I'd like to go there. Are you worried, Aina?'

'Not exactly, but ......'.

'Look at Aelyria. Does she look like an idiot playing a game?'

'...... I can see that a little.'

'...... Sorry, that was a bad example.'

Perhaps the game hasn't had any negative effects on her, but it's true that Alelia is a bit out of her depth.

'Does Misha look like an idiot to you?'

'No, I don't. Yes, I know what you mean.'

'Okay, everyone follow me.'

Misha called out to us, and the three of us headed for the playground.

Misha came along half-heartedly, but I'm glad she did.

If we had left it up to Aleria, it might have turned out to be a mess.

Well, I think that would have been a good memory.