51-Episode 50: The potion seems to have worked.

I'm sorry.

While Yuki was dealing with the demons, Aleria and Aina were evacuating the elves.
Aina, who has access to the elf village, was leading the way.

Her MP is completely depleted, and her HP is near zero.

'If that voice...... appearance...... of Aina-sama...... has returned......!

'Yes. More on that later. But first, you need to get away from here.

Everyone here knows that Aina has been taken.
The fact that Aina was there, even though it was thought that she would never return, was a comforting thought and made the move smooth.

'Is Aina famous among the elves?'

'Yes. ...... I don't think there's anyone who doesn't know about it. It's kind of a small village.'

'I think everyone's reaction is a bit different for just an acquaintance, though: ......'

Aleria was sensitive to the subtle differences in reactions that Yuki might not have noticed.
Obviously, this didn't seem like an exchange between two ordinary villagers.

'Could it be that--'

'We can talk later. We need to get everyone to drink their potions!

'...... I guess so!'

She didn't get to hear what she wanted to hear from Aina's mouth, but it was enough.
Aleria understood.
She understood Aina's position in the elven village.

The dying elves had been brought to a mansion that was as grand as a castle.
It can hold them all and it's a solid building.

Aina made sure that there were no demons inside, and then led the way.
Once all of them were inside the walls, Aina locked the door from the inside.

She was worried about Yuki, who was fighting five demons.
However, there was nothing she could do in the current situation.
I felt itchy. But even if I went to help him, I might end up getting in his way.

Youki understands all this and knows the best role to play.

'I trust you're okay, ......!

After receiving the large amount of potions from Yuki, Aleria and I split up and began to make the residents drink them.
There were not enough potions for the number of people.
However, since the amount of HP/MP of non-combatants is small, even a small amount is effective, and there is no need to restore them to full strength.

Moreover, this potion is specially made for Yuki, and its effect is much stronger than ordinary potions.
A smaller amount will have the same effect.

'People who are unconscious are the first priority. Then children and the elderly. Life potions first. That should do it, right?'

'That shouldn't be a problem. Arelia knows more about this than I do, right?

'I've been an adventurer longer than you, but there might be some things that elves shouldn't do.

'I wonder if that's an influence of Yuki's. ......'

At any rate, the supply of potions went smoothly.

'Wow, that's amazing ......! It only took a few minutes to get here: ......'

Aina administered the life force potion to the old elf, who had depleted his life force until he lost consciousness and was on the verge of dying.

She didn't know how much to give him, so she gave it to him little by little, but after giving him a tenth of the potion, he regained consciousness and returned to his usual form, full of life force.

'This one is amazing too! With this recovery speed, I think I can walk through fire. ......!

'Who really is Yuki......! Not only is he strong, kind, and dependable, but he also has a talent for making potions!

'Oh, could it be Aina.......? No, it's nothing.''

Aelyria, sensing something, retracted the words she was about to say.

'Aina-sama, isn't this potion ...... quite pricey?

'It's not something that comes with a price. It's not something you can buy with money.

'Who in the world is this ...... hero who saved us, and we must give him our fullest thanks!

'An adventurer named Yuki.'

'Mm. ...... I'm sorry, but I've never heard that name before. ...... Are you a hero, sir?'

'I'm not a brave man. I'm just an ordinary adventurer. --'No, not an ordinary one, but ......'

'I see. ....... Where is that person ......?'

'Right now, he's taking on five demons by himself.'

'What! That person who was shining in my dazed consciousness is ......! We have to go and join him!

'No, you can't. We'll only slow him down. The best way to help Yuki is to stay here and wait. ...... is what I think.'

Yuki didn't ask the elves to come back once they were evacuated.
Aina took this as a message to stay away from him.

Seeing that Aleria didn't want to come back, she was sure that she was right.

I'm sure Yuki will defeat the demons and show his face again as if nothing happened.
But even though she believed that, she couldn't stop the buzzing in her chest.