52-Episode 51: I heard you shouldn't defeat the evil ...

I took care of the remaining four demons with just slashes.

I disposed of the remaining four demons with only slashes.

Aleria and Aina did a good job of guiding the inhabitants.
There are two reasons why I asked them to evacuate.

First, it's difficult to fight while protecting non-combatants.
Secondly, it's still too much for you two to handle.

If we're going to be dealing with a lot of small demons, we're better off with the two of you.
But Kerkass is different.

He doesn't seem to be strong enough to be called one of the Four Heavenly Kings, but even so, even if Arelia and Aina were to fight together, they wouldn't be able to hurt him.

'Brave one, where are your friends? They're hiding somewhere, aren't they?'

Kerkas asked.

'I'm sure you've seen them, but I led the elves away. And no, I'm not a hero.'

'Don't be silly! If you're not a hero, you'll never be able to defeat the demons. ...... If you want to hide your identity, that's fine. I don't care where my fellow heroes are hiding. You're going to die here anyway!

Kerkass raised his hands to the sky.

'Hahahahaha! You may think you've captured the elves and blundered us, but the summoning is already complete! Come forth, evil dragon wyvern!

As soon as he finished, a huge magic circle appeared in the sky and a jet-black dragon descended in a flickering motion.
I immediately checked its status.

Name: Evil Dragon Wyvern Lv.50
Class: Demon
Skill: "Breath (Darkness)
MP: 658497/658497

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Attack Power: A
Defense: A
Attack Speed: A
Movement Speed: B
Magic Attack Power: A
Magic Resistance: A
Mental Strength: B
Life Force: SSS
Magic Power: SSS

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It's quite a ridiculous status.
I don't know if it's the right word to use for a real monster, but it's quite monstrous.

However, the only things to watch out for are HP and MP, and I'm superior in other abilities. --Apparently, the relationship between level and status is different for each demon and adventurer. I've been stronger than a wyvern since I was level 1.

With such a big difference, I'm sure I can win a long battle.

There are some techniques that you can use to your advantage in a fight with a dragon, such as cutting off its tail by focusing fire on a part of it first, or slowing down its movement speed by weakening its legs.

It is important to handle them calmly. That's all you need to worry about.

'Okay, I've got a plan. Let's start from here...'

Just when I was staring at the wyvern.

'Sui will deal with that!

Sui, who was floating on my shoulder as usual, suddenly shouted.

'That's unusual for Sui, who doesn't always assert herself. I don't mind at all, but what's wrong with you?

It's not that I don't like him. I'm sure you'll be fine.

I wonder if there was something between the two dragons that was upsetting him.
Sui's status is better than yours, so you won't lose if you fight in order.
There is no reason to stop him if he is willing to accept.

'Then take care of the wyvern. In the meantime, I'll deal with Kerkass.'

'Thank you, master. I'll grow up then!

Sui quickly returned to her original size.

''Hey, hey, hey, hey, ...... what's that! You've got such a hidden ball! ......But the wyvern that we have summoned from the other world will not be defeated!'

I don't know what to say.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.


A water-based breath is fired from Sui.
The wyvern also countered with a dark breath, but--well, there was no way it could win.

You can't beat it. Sui's breath is the same breath, but it's a "super-strong breath. The name suggests that it is a super-compatible skill.
It's a super-compatible attack from a higher-ranked opponent with a higher status than you. There's no way this won't pass.


The wyvern shouted in agony.

'Why? Tsk, the elf's magic supply was cut off at that point, so it was summoned incompletely!

I don't know if there was a failure or not, but results are everything.
I'm sure Kerkass knows that. But he doesn't want to believe it.
It's time to pull him back from his fantasy world.

'That one's going to end. Let's finish this one here.


A look of anguish crossed Kerkass's face.

Now that I've confirmed Sui's existence, it's no longer enough to say that he was able to defeat me.

The summoned wyvern is certain to be defeated.
After that, it's Kerkass.

Kerkass is in front of a battle he can never win.

'd*mn! Humiliation!

I wondered what kind of strong magic Kerkass would unleash, but he just shot a 'fireball' at me.
Of course, Kerkass' aim was not to defeat me with a fireball.

Kerkass spread his wings and took off into the sky.
Can demons fly? I didn't know that because I had defeated them before before they escaped.

I'll deal with the fireball with slashes.
And then--jump!

I caught up with Kerkass, who was frantically running through the air.

'Now ......! The heroes can now fly too? ......!

'No, it's just a jump.

'No, it's just a jump.

I don't like it when people deny the truth. I wonder what I can say to satisfy Kerkass.
Thinking that, I kicked him.

His wings snapped, and Kerkass crashed down.


By the time I landed, Kerkass was dying.
He's dying, but he's still alive. Just as well.

'I failed to capture the demon from earlier. I'm going to ask you some questions instead. See you after .......'

I take the extra handcuffs out of the item slot and put them on Kerkass' hands.
Then I put Kelkas in the item slot.

Hmm ......?
The moment I put Kerkass in the item slot. I felt a surge of energy from inside my body.
The status doesn't seem to have changed, but...

There was a new skill added to the skill column.

"Demonic Energy Lv1".

Could it be that storing demons in the item slot will help me ......?
If this is the case, I should have captured more demons. ....... That's a shame.

Anyway, my side is settled.
As for Sui--

'Master, it's over!

Sui came back to me in her usual small form.
The defeated wyvern was a sight for sore eyes.

'Hmm? Something about the wyvern's appearance is thin. ......'

'The wyvern was originally a dragon that died thousands of years ago. That demon tribe called Kerkass forced a dead dragon to come back to life. I couldn't allow him to sell his soul to the demon tribe no matter how much he has regrets!

'Unrequited love? I wonder what the wyvern's regrets were.''

'To become the Wise Master's servant.'

'So, I'm the one who's unrequited love?

What kind of a punchline is that?

'If you side with the demon tribe, you'll become an enemy of your master. That's why the wyvern was destined to die even if he was resurrected.

'I feel sorry for him. ......'

Listening to the story, I feel a little sorry for him because he didn't get any reward. Now I can only watch as the wyvern fades away.