53-Episode 52: The Princess of the Elves' Courtship I...

I'm going to go to Aelyria and Aina.

After dealing with Kerkas and the wyverns, I decided to go to Aleria and Aina.
I hadn't been told where it was, but it was the only place that could hold that many people.

It's an opulent building that looks like it could house a king.
Elf Village is a place where only elves live, and even though it is within the territory of the kingdom, it is actually like a duchy.

It's hard to govern a country when there are different races living within it.

Come to think of it, it's not a king but a queen who rules over the elven villages.
I haven't checked her name yet. I'll have to check with Aina later.

'Oh, Yuki! I'm glad you're okay! I'm unlocking the door now!

'So you were waiting for me. Thanks. I was just trying to figure out how to get in.

It seems Aina was waiting for me at the door.
I was wondering if I should force the door or not, so it was nice of her to just open it.

As I entered, I found the elves looking much healthier than before.
The potion seemed to have worked on both men and women, young and old.

'Looks like there are no ...... dead. I'm really glad you made it in time.'

'Yeah, really. It's all thanks to Yuki!

Now that I have some money, I might as well just buy the ingredients and make a potion.
If I could systematize how to make them, I would consider leaving it to others, but ...... it seems a bit difficult at the moment.

'Your Highness, is that person--'

This is Yuki. He is the hero who defeated the demon race and saved the elf village.


Speaking of heroes, does that make me a hero ......?
Well, it looks like that's how it turned out.
No, no, no, that's not the point. .......

'Who's your highness, ......?'

I think it was the name for royalty or the royal family.

'I'm actually ...... more like the first princess.'

'Really ......?'

I've always thought you had a sense of dignity and responsibility when I first saw you, but I didn't think you did.
It's kind of amazing that a princess would be thrown away as a slave, even if only temporarily.

'But it's just a title. I was immediately taken away by bandits, and my sister Char was working for me during that time.

'Even if that's the case, it's still a certain kind of status, right ......? I'm not sure what to call you, but I'm not sure what to call you.

'...... Stop it all of a sudden. It's creepy. I'm fine with it the way it is.

Even though I didn't know it, am I being rude or something?
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had it.

It's not like I did all of these things willingly.
All of them were done by Aina. It's like an accident.
I don't know how well this excuse will go over with the higher-ups, but .......

'Your Highness, what should we do for you, Yuki?


I can't help but shout.

'Well... He's got enough money and fame already...'

Oh, you're talking about rewards.

'Then there's power. Youki, are you interested in marrying me?

'Kekko, what about ......?

'I can't think of many things I'd like to give Yuki. You have wealth and fame, right? Then women and power. If you marry me, you'll be the head of a small but powerful country.' ......

'Oh, you mean that. Power. ......'

In effect, I'm already free to run the kingdom. I'm not interested in that now, and I don't want any more work for you.
I have no desire for power in the first place. I'm just doing it because there's no one else who can do it.

'Your face doesn't look very enthusiastic. What should I do about ......?'

'You don't need a reward. Just the fact that Aina didn't have to be sad is enough.'

'If you say that, it makes me want to give you something even more.'

Is that what ...... is for?
I really don't want anything. .......

'Well, I'm going to give you a hard time. If you can't do it, you can say you can't do it, so feel free to ask.'

'Okay, okay. Anything you want.'

'Aina is one of the most talented of the thousands of adventurers I've seen. If she keeps this up, she might even rise to the top of the human race, if not the kingdom. The only other person I know who's as talented is Aleria.

I glanced at Aleria. She seemed to be paying attention to me, and our eyes met.

'--The stronger the companion you adventure with, the better. And I want them to be trustworthy as well as strong. I want Aina to come with me. ...... Sorry, I think I'm saying the wrong thing. It's okay to say no.

I was just trying to clear my head.
I was, but--

'What ...... are you talking about? Huh.'

Aina sighed.
She must have been taken aback by that.

'I've been planning on it from the start. There's nothing you can do back in the country now. ....... Charles is much better than me. I'm going to follow you for the rest of my life as soon as you refuse. I can't give him anything else if he refuses to give me his country.

'You're serious ......, aren't you? If you stay here, you'll be able to live an elegant life until the day you die. Are you willing to give that up to follow me ......?'

'Yes. Besides, the life of a commoner is not as bad as you think. We can't afford luxury, but we have freedom instead.

You're right, I can understand that.
That's why I left the new kingdom in Regulus' hands.
Of course, the main reason was that Regulus was the most trustworthy person I knew.

'Have you finished your story? I'm going to follow you, aren't I?

Perhaps it was because he was speaking in a moderate volume of voice, but Alelia seemed to have heard him.

It's been quite a while since the ...... empire's princess went missing, right?

We have other problems over here.

'I feel like I can handle just a little bit more!

'I don't know what that little bit more is.

I think it's already out.

'Aelyria is the empire's princess ......?

Aina stared at Alelia's face as if she couldn't bear to hear it.

'That's right, isn't it? She's the third princess, so she's kind of a commoner.

I don't think a direct descendant of the royal family is a commoner, no matter if it's a lower class nobleman or something. .......

'Hmmm. ...... I see.'

What? I think they're both smiling, but their eyes aren't smiling.

'(Arelia...... no shortage for the other party, right?)'

'(Aina...... she's pretty good too.)'

I couldn't hear what they said, but they were both whispering something to each other.
Why do they suddenly not get along?
I want them to get along because they're adventurers together. .......