34-33. I'm just a passing adventurer.

First of all, it's annoying to go into a store dressed like this.
Strangely enough, you don't smell, but you look like a vagrant.

Even in a common restaurant, the dress code is not ......, but at least a sense of cleanliness is required.

'I think I'll go back to the royal castle and have a shower.

'Master, I should be clean, right?'

Unusually, Sui spoke to me.

'That's what I meant. Human society is troublesome.''

'Sui can clean up here, right?

'Is that true, ......?

'Because it's a water dragon!

Sui puffed out her chest.
The gender is unknown, but it's pretty cute.

'Hmm, like this?

Sui uses the water magic.
Then, the elf girl's body is wrapped in a thin membrane, and water flows in.

'Wait, is this okay? You're not going to drown in ......, are you?

I prepared a magic sword just in case I could destroy the membrane at any time.

It's a good thing that this water is breathable.

Sui seemed to be right, and she didn't seem to be having any trouble breathing.
Her exhaled breath was bubbling and bubbling.

A stream of water was created in the membrane, washing away the dirt.
When the water was completely clean, it flowed out of the membrane.
The water has completely drained out.

'What can I say, this is more like a washing machine than a shower or bath. ......'

'What's a washing machine?

Aleria reacted to the words I had just said.
She simply didn't know.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen a washing machine since I came to the other world. There were no washing machines in the royal castle either, and we washed our clothes by hand.

'Ah, ......, there are magical tools like that.'

'I see. It's good that it's easier to wash your body!

'Yeah, I guess so. ......'

It's for a different purpose, though!

Now, the water seems to have drained out, but--'

'It's not dehydrated and dried yet!

'What? It'll dry on its own.'

'Don't think in terms of dragons! Humans catch colds when they're wet!

A dragon wouldn't wipe himself with a bath towel after bathing. That's what dragons are like. But a human ...... or technically a subhuman, wouldn't leave it like that.

Besides, it's quite annoying to enter a store while wet.

'It can't be helped. I'll see what I can do.

I remembered a skill I learned the other day.
Climate Manipulation, which I used when I stopped the fire in the weapons shop.

Only the inside of this membrane is kept at 0% humidity.
And don't forget to circulate the air through the membrane to speed up the drying process.
In order to avoid dehydration, we tried to keep the moisture on the surface of our clothes and body.

In this way, the water content rapidly decreased and the body quickly dried.

'Master is amazing! You dried up quickly.'

'Well, I'm glad you could manage it. Sui's been through a lot, hasn't she?

Despite everything, it was faster than going back to the castle to change clothes.
I guess it turned out all right.

The result was good.

I'll be back.

The elf girl, who was probably very hungry, ate up the entire meal for the two of us in an instant, and was even reaching for a new dish.

But she's really pretty.
I have an image that elves are all beautiful men and women, but this girl seems to be special.

I don't have anything to compare her to, but she's not inferior to Arelia.
If you ask me which one is more beautiful, I can't draw a conclusion.


It seems that she has finished eating.
It has recovered a lot of energy.

'That was quite a meal.

'That was really helpful. Thank you-- er, ......?'

'You can call me Yuki.'

'Yuki, thank you. I'm Aina Nischel. You saved my life.'

'Well, I'll be. I didn't do much, but ....... You're gonna have to take it easy for a while. So, Aina, where are you from?

'It's an elven village. Suddenly, some strange people attacked us and kidnapped us. ......'

It seems that the most vicious of bandits targeted subhumans, kidnapped them, and sold them to slavers.
The sold slaves were resold to perverts called "subhuman lovers" and owners who wanted to use them for forced labor.

We have to expose them as soon as possible, although we haven't been able to catch up with the process yet due to the turmoil of the change of government.

'I really feel bad for Aina, don't I? No, I'm sure there were other elves who were kidnapped besides Aina.

'Yuki has nothing to apologize for. It's my fault for not being able to protect my friends.

'I don't think it's anything for Aina to be upset about. ....... 'I'll make arrangements for you to return home after I've solved all the problems in Elf Village. Until then, please wait for me.

Aina looked surprised.

'Arranging ...... to solve the problems, who is Yuki ......?

In fact, he's powerful enough to run the country, but let's keep that quiet at this stage.
In the first place, only a few people in the center know about him.

'I'm just a passing adventurer.