35-Episode 34: I don't think it's too much to worry a...

I'm sorry.

'Until you are able to return to the elf village, you can spend your time at the inn.

We've just checked in at the inn where Aina is staying.
This is the inn where we stayed until recently. The rooms are different, but it's a bit nostalgic.

The rooms are different, but it's a bit nostalgic. The room rates are cheap, but the rooms are clean and there's easy access to shopping.
It's a pretty good inn.

'Well, we're going to go do what we've been asked to do, so wait for us--' 'What's wrong?

'I'm kind of shaking, even though I'm not conscious ......'.

Aina's body was shaking slightly.
It had been like this when we first met. It had subsided earlier, but...

'Are you afraid to be alone ......?'

'Is that so? Aina.'

'That's not true only for me. ......'

'Either way, I can't just leave you like this.
Come to think of it, neither the slavers nor the bandits who attacked the elf village have been caught yet, so it's understandable that they feel uneasy.

'Today - no, today is just a simple request, and it's no problem to take Aina with us. Do you want to follow me?'

'I can at least stay here by myself. I'm fine. ......'

'It's not convincing if you say it with a face that doesn't look okay at all. I'm not going to force you.

'That's right! Since Yuki said so, let's go.

Aleria pulls on Aina's arm.
She resisted a little, but seemed to have given in,

'Well, if it won't cause any trouble.

We'll take her with us.

The request for today is for Carleton.

Today's request is to kill a demon that lives in the middle of Mount Karlon.
Since we had multiple requests, the number of demons to be killed should have been decided for each type of demon, but since it was troublesome, we could just collect them and slaughter them all at once.

It takes a certain amount of time to move around, but since it's already noon today, we can't afford to take it easy.

'Sui, can you fly us to the middle of Mount Karlon?


Sui, who had been floating around my shoulders as usual, regained her original size.
I had never used it except on the days when the demon tribe attacked, because I thought it might cause a commotion if a dragon was flying over the royal capital.

However, according to Regulus, it seemed to be a well-known fact since that day that Yuki the Wise was a dragon wielder, and there would be no commotion.

I'm not sure if it's the same in other areas, but it seems like you can easily enjoy air travel in the royal capital.
Well, I wonder if it's a good idea to use a pterodactyl, which is far more powerful than a hero, as a leg.

But Sui seems to want to help me, so I guess it's okay.

'This is a legendary pterosaur?

I see. Aina was seeing Sui's full form for the first time.
No wonder she was surprised.

'I don't know if it's a legend or not, but it called itself a pterosaur with water eyes.

'Dragons are not supposed to open their hearts to humans. ...... why?'

'I don't know. You'll have to ask Sui. I think he said it was because he was a wise man.

'I don't know any wise man .......'

Apparently, wise men are not well known in this world.
Aleria and I jumped on Sui's back.

I reach out towards Aina.

'What's wrong? Aren't you going to get on?'

'I'm not afraid to ride on the back of a dragon!

'Then are you going to walk to that mountainside ......?'

'That's .......'

'Ah, I see what you mean. You're not very good at heights, are you?

It's called fear of heights.
It's crazy not to feel fear of heights, but it's also annoying to cower in fear of them.
Phobias are not something that can be cured, so what should I do?

'It's not that I'm afraid of heights, it's just that I was wondering if the dragon would be upset .......'

'What, Sui didn't want to ride on his back?

It's not uncommon to feel uncomfortable at the command of the master. Your companions are welcome to join you.

'That's right.'

'Yes, .......'

For some reason, she had made Aina feel uncomfortable.

'Oh my god, who really is Yuki......?'

Aina took my hand with a dumbfounded look on her face.
I gave up and climbed onto Sui's back.

'Sui, let me out. I'm ready.'

I give the signal, and she flaps her wings and flies into the sky.

A blue sky with no clouds. Wonderful scenery. A pleasant breeze.

After all, air travel is the best.
Last time I didn't have time to enjoy it, but today I can relax and enjoy it.

'It's good to get out of the house for a change, isn't it? --Aina?

For some reason, Aina was clinging to my shoulder and shaking.
Her face was also a little pale.

'...... What's wrong?

'Well, when I look down a bit, I see that you're sitting back and ......'.

The degree of closeness increased.
If you stick to me that closely, I'll hit you. You know, her breasts are so full.

'Oh, ...... were you afraid of heights after all?

'I'm not afraid of ......'



There was a momentary tremor as we lost altitude, and Aina screamed.

'...... Ah, you're right... Aina isn't afraid of heights...'

It didn't look like that at all.

'It's not fair to Aina! I'm scared too.

For some reason, Aleria became rivalrous, clinging to his vacant left shoulder.

'No, no, you're not scared!

'I'm scared!

It's not that I don't want to.
It was not that I didn't want to, but I was filled with the desire to get there as soon as possible.