10-Episode 9: I made a mistake.

The second test, a practical test, was to take place immediately.

It was to be conducted by an A-level adventurer who was well known in King's Landing.
The practical test is supposed to be conducted by C-level adventurers and above, but it was unusual for an A-level adventurer to take the test.

In order to pass the test, the officer in charge must agree that you are equivalent to an E rank adventurer.

'I can't believe that Regulus-sama, who is a busy man, is running for the position of officer in charge. ......!

'As an adventurer - no, as a royal citizen - I have to make sure that people like him know their place.

He was in his late twenties. He carries a huge sword on his back.

'So you are Matsuzaki Yuki, the hero who deceived even our king. I admire your boldness to become an adventurer, despite the fact that you were spared from death by the king's great love.

'You want me to say thank you?

'That was sarcasm. You're not very bright, are you?

I'm talking lightly, but inwardly I'm nervous. A nasty sweat is running down my spine.
This is a strategy to make you look weak and catch you off guard.

'Come at me anytime! The test begins with an attack from the examinee's side. There's no way you can survive my counterattack with that thin sword!

Regulus explained from five meters away.
Magic or sword. The rules say you can fight with either or both.
Since I don't know any offensive magic, I decided to use the magic sword Berserk that I just got yesterday.

First, I gave myself the Divine Blessing.
Then, step into the air with your breath.

If you feint poorly against an expert swordsman, he will see through you. Then you'll just have to go for it.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa. ----'

Regulus still hasn't moved.
d*mn, this is what an A-rank adventurer can afford!

The distance between me and Regulus is now less than a meter.
Still not moving.
I'm not sure I can make it from this distance. .......
I was about to give up on the game.

However, according to the rules, I didn't have to win. Regulus, who hates me with all his heart, may or may not approve.
I'll give it all I've got.

'What's with the ...... sudden appearance?

Regulus may have been trying to distract me, but he suddenly said something I didn't understand.
I'm not going to fall for this trap if I'm focused.

I raised my magic sword as if to thrust up Regulus' sword.
The swords collided with each other, and a metallic sound echoed.


The sword left Regulus' hand. The sword cracked as it flew and shattered in midair.

I see, so you can get by without a sword against someone like me!

I'm not sure what to do. What kind of power is that?

'That means I'm weak, right? Why don't you say it a little more clearly!


You can't use a sword to slash an opponent who doesn't have a sword.
It doesn't matter how high you are, or how cruelly you lose, you can't do that.

I walk around behind Regulus and strike him in the back with my fist.
Regulus didn't avoid my attack and plunged toward the wall.

Regulus collided with such force that the wall cracked.

'Uh,ugh....... I can't believe it. ......'

Somehow, he was still breathing.

'Regulus is out of action! That's enough!

The receptionist who had been refereeing the test announced that it was over.
I had heard that my opponent was an A-rank adventurer, but he had won without showing his true worth.

'Are you okay, Regulus-sama? ......!

'I'm fine. ...... More importantly, as for the results of the test--I passed. I have nothing to complain about. I can't complain. ......

Regulus' expression was grim.
But the way Regulus looked at me seemed to change from before to after the test.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before. Even if you are not a brave man, you can still help to defeat the demon king. ......! I didn't want to say this, but the king's eyes are holes!

Regulus stood up and held out his right hand in front of me, wounded and wobbly.

'My narrow-mindedness. No--I felt the breadth of the world. I apologize for my rudeness.

I took Regulus' hand.

'I don't know what you've heard, but you've probably heard some pretty biased stories. It's all right if you understand.'

'...... I'm reasonably powerful in the kingdom. If you need help, you can talk to me. I can help you. ...... and ......'


Regulus became weak and fainted.
It seems that he is merely asleep and will recover in a short while.

'I'm surprised. As well as the amount of ...... magic power, I didn't expect him to defeat Regulus-sama as well. ......!

'Well, it's like a surprise attack.

'You usually can't surprise Lord Regulus. He's said to be the strongest adventurer in the kingdom. It's as if you've already passed the test!

'Is that how it is? ...... Speaking of which, what's the final exam going to be?

'As a test equivalent to actual combat, you will be required to fight a night battle in a camp. We'll need more than one examiner, so it'll take a bit of time - but yes, we'll be ready tomorrow night.'

'I see, I understand. So, Regulus is at .......'

'Oh, I'll take care of Regulus here and send him to the doctor, so you can go back.

'Well, thank you.

I'm relieved to have passed the practical test without a hitch.
Now, let's just relax for a moment until the final exam tomorrow.

I've gained a new skill, "Warding Magic.

I've heard the mysterious voice again.