11-Episode 10: Boundary Magic seems convenient.

Now it's warding magic.
I don't know what it's for, but you'll find out when you try it.

I'll use a warding spell.
--But nothing seemed to change.

Did you fail to activate it?
Just when I was about to use it again.

'Yuki, I'm so proud of you for finishing the practical test in an instant!

'Oh, thanks for waiting, Aleria.

'--what a pain! There shouldn't be any walls!


Aleria bounced back with a motion as if she had bumped into something.
Guessing from her movements, it seems there is some kind of wall.

Oh, so this is warding magic.
It's possible depending on how you use it, but it's inconvenient if your friends can't get near it.

You can set a password for "warding magic".

If I set the password ......, does that mean my friends will be able to enter freely?
All right, I'll set the password to 'Hirakegoma' then.

'Arelia, try saying 'Hirakegoma'.

'Huh? Hirakegoma......, that! The wall's gone!

It worked.

The password only needs to be known by the other party, there's no need to chant it.

So if you teach it once, the next time it will be automatically removed.

'I've kept you waiting for a long time, haven't I? Let's get back to it.'

I patted Aleria on the head.
Although it was a relatively short time, Aleria had watched me without saying a word during this time. I could have let her wait at the inn, but it wouldn't have been absolutely safe. .......

'...... is ...... fine'.

'What's wrong? Do you have a fever?

'No, sir! I'm fine!

'Well, I hope so.'

I'm back at the inn.

We're back at the inn.
I'm taking a shower to wash off my sweat.

After fighting Regulus, a thought occurred to me.
I wondered if the wise men were not as weak as I thought.

A wise man who was strong in the game might be good in the other world.
He may not be as strong as a hero, but he may be strong enough to live as an adventurer in this world.

First, let's take a look at your current skills.

Name:Yuki Matsuzaki Lv.1
Class: Sage
Skills: "System Manipulation", "Divine Blessing", "Climate Manipulation", "Common Continental Language", "Warding Magic
MP: 216950/216987

When I'm done showering, I'd like to check out the System Manipulation I haven't looked into yet.
The other skills are quite useful.
The other skills are quite useful, but I haven't tried "System Operation" yet because I don't understand the meaning of the word.

'Hmm, my MP is a little low. ...... Could it be that?

When I was holding the magic sword Berserk, I actually felt the same sensation as if I had touched the crystal in the magic power test.
It may be a sword that absorbs the MP of the user.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... The amount of MP that is sucked out is so small that it's not worth worrying about.
I think I now understand why this sword is called the "magic sword".

I finished my shower and finished changing.
After wearing it for two days, I'm going to need some other clothes. .......

There are stains, smells, and so on.

When you get your first reward, buy clothes first priority. ...... I'll do that.

'I thought there was no such thing as Areli .......'

I'm the only one in the inn right now.
Aleria went to buy some food.
I said I'd go with her, but she said 'Yuki is tired' and went off by herself.

To be precise, Aleria and I did not go together. It's not right to stop her, because she and I happen to be doing the same thing, but...

I'm still worried about you.
If she doesn't come back in a little while, I'll go look for her.

If I happen to be strolling around and discover Aelyria, no problem.
I was thinking of ......, but my fears were unfounded.

'Yuki, I'm back!

He came back with a cheerful voice.
Now, I can try the system operation without anxiety.

He patted his chest with relief.

'Welcome back, Arelia.

~The Royal Castle

'Your Majesty, I've come to report to you.

'What's up? It's a little early to be calling on time.

'It's about Matsuzaki Yuki.'

'That kid again. ....... Did you find a body?

I've been working with the guild to make sure he can't become an adventurer.
If I'm going to execute him, I need to have a good reason. It would be easier to dispose of him if he died on his own--that's what I thought.

'It seems that it has passed the magic power test and the practical test. ....... In the practical test, it was reported that it had won a complete victory against Regulus. If he passes the final test tomorrow, he will officially become an adventurer.

'What the hell? Was that kid that good?

'How about this: ......'

'I don't approve ......! I don't approve! If by any chance the people find out that I mistakenly treated an asset like that, what will happen to my dignity!


'Then there's only one thing to do. Bring out the assassination squad.

'But we can't move out in the open. ......'

The guards are baffled.
Yuki has not committed any crime. He is not hostile to the kingdom.
It is unheard of for an assassination squad to be sent against a mere civilian.

Incidentally, the assassination squad is a special unit of the Knights organized for use against heroes.
We have prepared a powerful unit with modified human bodies to counter the powerful heroes when they rise up against us.
Of course, human modification is a clear violation of international law, so it has been carried out in secret.

So far, the heroes have not rebelled, so the assassination squad has been entrusted with the literal task of assassination.

'There will be no problem if you make me the officer in charge of the final exam. One stamp from me will take care of it.'

'Sure, there have been deaths during the exam, but ......'

'Do it. Do you understand?

'Yes, as you wish!