49-Episode 48: I found a monster ball.

I'm sorry.

There was no sign of demons around us, except for the demons guarding us.
If my intuition is correct, there are no demons nearby, since the village of Elves is filled with the smell of demons. But we must be on our guard.

There might be demons that don't smell.

We were walking through the forest on a straight path towards the elf village.

'We're almost there. Are there any demons nearby?'

'No... but stop for a moment.

'What's going on?'

'Is that some kind of object on the side of the road? It's got a strange look to it. ......'


Out of my line of sight .
On the right side of the road, hidden from view by the grass, was a ball-like object.
It's not the kind of ball you'd use for sports, it's made of a hard metallic material.

It is purple and has a seam in the middle. Is it a retractable ......?

'I've never seen anything like that. ...... I wonder if it was put there in the last month or so. ...... What's it for?'

'If Aina doesn't know, we should be wary. Just don't touch it and leave it alone.'

'All right.'

I picked up a handy pebble and dropped it near the ball.
The ball emitted a white light with a poof.

'What the hell is that?

'I don't know. No, is that a demon?

About five jet-black demons appeared.
Their appearance was similar to that of slimes and wolves, but their status confirmed by the evil eye was different from the norm.

Name: Slime Captured by the Demon Kerkas Lv.10
Class: Demon
Skills: None

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Attack Power: B
Defense: C
Attack Speed: C
Movement Speed: C
Magic Attack Power: C
Magic Resistance: C
Mental Strength: C
Life Force: B
Magic Power: C

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It's a status that our forces could easily defeat, but...

'That's strange.

'The color is kind of strange, but it's a normal slime and a wolf, isn't it ......?

'Normal slimes aren't that strong even at level 10. Neither is the wolf. There's something wrong.

The two possibilities are that the ball has some kind of strengthening ability, or that it is somehow related to the demon race Kerkas regardless of the ball.

You can't just leave a demon right in front of you.

I held the magic sword Berserk in my right hand, just in case.
I take the lead and move forward.

'Not only is it enhanced, but it's also active.

The slimes and wolves you see in the Karlon Plains are non-aggressive, and they have a docile habit of not attacking you until you attack them.

But this demon seems to be different.


I swung my sword lightly and killed five demons with one blow.
Its touch and reaction to being slashed were different from those of ordinary demons.

The only difference was that they turned back to their normal color the moment I killed them.

'Oh, it's not black anymore!

'I can't tell the difference. I wonder what it was .......'

'I don't know. --But it looks like there's still a bunch of similar balls.'

Looking carefully at the bushes beside me, I saw a large number of balls lying about a meter apart.

'The demon inside doesn't seem to be very strong, so shall we split up?

'No, I want to know more about the specifications of this ball. I want to hurry up, but there are probably a lot of these in the Elf Village, and I want to think of a countermeasure while I'm at it.''

After that, every time I found the ball, I tried something different.
I tried hitting the ball directly with a stone, I tried approaching it without hitting it with a stone, and I tried slashing it with my sword before the demon came out of the ball.

Here's what I found out.

It reacts to impact regardless of whether it hits the ball itself or not.
It reacts even when you get close to it.
If you destroy the ball before the demon appears, the demon will not appear.

It was especially good news to find out the third one.
That's right, you don't have to deal with those troublesome mooks, just destroy them and you won't have to fight them.

'Hey, let's try that.

I used "climate control".
This skill allows you to control the weather, rainfall, temperature, and humidity, but I'm going to use it for the weather.
I'm going to try artificially dropping lightning.

The target is not a ball in front of you.
If it's a single ball, you can try dropping it directly, but it's too much trouble to search for a ball that you don't know how many there are in a hidden place.

Thunderclouds appear all over the sky, and lightning strikes occur.
Maybe this ball doesn't react to natural phenomena. There must be rain and wind in this area. If it reacted every time, it would not be able to function as a trap.

The prediction seemed to be correct, and the ball just sat there without any change.

Right after the lightning strike. The ball snapped! sounded.

I threw pebbles at it, but it didn't respond.
It seems that demons cannot appear if the ball is broken.

The purpose of a lightning strike is to generate a powerful electromagnetic wave.
If you put your phone into a microwave oven, it will break, right? That's the reasoning.

I have devised a way to generate electromagnetic waves near the ground that are more powerful than those generated by ordinary lightning strikes.
Once again, it's a very versatile skill.

'Yuki, what the hell did you do!

'You mean you can disable the ball as long as you know where it is, right ......?'

'I didn't do anything that big, okay? The side effects of the lightning strike destroyed it on its own . I wasn't aiming for the ball in the first place.''

'Ah! It's Yuki's usual start again!

'Yuki has a personality that seems to make enemies, doesn't he? ...... without even realizing it.'

I'm just saying what I honestly think, but is there anything I should be aware of?