59-Episode 58: It looks like it's being resold.

I jumped to the ground.

When I reached the commercial district, I jumped down to the ground.
If you're well trained, you'll be able to land properly even if you fall from a certain height, so you won't get hurt.
After confirming that Sui had become the size of a baby dragon, we entered the commercial district.

The area seemed to be more crowded than ever today.
There was a crowd of people near the central fountain.

I called out to an old man who was nearby.

'Is there some kind of event going on today?

'Oh, this is the Grand Duke! Well, there's an auction today.

'An auction. Are there any rare items to be auctioned?

'Do you know anything about it? It looks like an autograph.'

'Autograph? Is it a rare item from a famous person or something? It must be very popular.'

'Yes, I am. May I shake your hand at ......?


I happen to have a lot of men as enemies by accident, and my friends are all beautiful girls, but I don't choose them. I'm a gender egalitarian.
That's why I shake hands with old men like this.

'Thank you very much! I look forward to seeing you in the future!

After such an exchange, we went to see the auction.

'What kind of person's signature is this?

'Is he so famous that even we know of him? I'm not too sure. ......'

'I wonder if there are any idol-like celebrities in the capital. Well, you can ask.

He seemed to be repeating his explanation several times, so I waited for him to start explaining.
I've seen the organizer standing in front of the fountain before, and it bothers me a little.
As I recall, it's the boy who called out to me yesterday.

'I'll start the auction at noon, so you'll just have to wait a little longer! Today, I've obtained the Grand Duke's autograph paper through an independent route! We'll start with one gold coin!''

A cheer went up.
'I can get 10 gold coins,' 'I can get 100 gold coins,' 'Even 500 gold coins is cheap,' came the booming voices one after another.

'Could it be that the signature that Yuki wrote yesterday is ......?

'You said that the boy asked you for your autograph. ......'

'Yeah, well ...... that's him. I didn't think he would sell it yesterday, but today.

I think he said something like 'I'll treasure it forever', but it seems I was tricked.
It's nothing to worry about because I didn't write it for a reward, but it's kind of bothering me.

'Yuki, should I tell them about the situation and cancel it?

'No, I'm not going to cancel it. It's true that the boy is a scumbag, but that doesn't mean it's wrong to force him to dispose of what he's given away.

'But ......'.

'Of course I'm not going to leave it alone. We've got a little more time before noon. There's only about a thousand of us here, right? Then there's still time. I'm going to need a little help from you two. ......'

'Anything I can do to help, please let me know!

'If you have an idea Yuki, let me help you. I'll do anything.'

'Thank you. I'll give you some money now and I want you to buy something for me. What do you want me to get for you?

After asking them to run an errand, I went to a nearby store to do some shopping.
Then I started to prepare.
It is the role of the lord and nobleman to make his people happy. I'm going to do my duty.

It's noon!

It's noon! Let's start the auction! As I said before, the starting price is one gold coin! It's an incredibly rare item, so now's your only chance.

''Hey, everyone, pay attention!

Before the boy could finish, I called out loudly.
Everyone's attention was focused on me.

'Oh, that's the Grand Duke!

'I'm so happy to see you up close!

'The real one is even more handsome!

I also made eye contact with the boy who was organizing the event.
He looked down uncomfortably, as if to say, 'Ugh.
He seemed to be aware that he was doing something wrong.

Regardless of my personal impressions and the boy's reaction--

'Here are about a thousand of my autographs. If you want one, you can have it.'

'Oh, wow!

'That's the Grand Duke!

Not only is he handsome and smart, he also has a big heart!

The event was a huge success, and the autograph sheets were being sold out one after another. Since we were out of stock, we had to make more copies in a hurry, and they were distributed to everyone who wanted one.

'Ah ...... ah ...... that,auction......'

No one was interested in the boy's autograph any longer.

'That might be a fake if you think about it.

'I don't care if it's real. I already have it.'

'I'm sure mine is genuine because I had it written in person!

Well, even if it's karma, I feel a little sorry for you.

'Yuki, are you going somewhere?

'I'm going to his place for a bit.

I walked over to the boy, who was in a state of mindlessness.

'Oh, ...... Grand Duke, ...... this is different .......'

'I'm glad you're keeping it and not selling it.'

'Eh...... that......'.

'I believe you when you say you'll treasure it forever.


That's all I said, and I left.
That's all I really said, but...

'So that was the real thing.

'How generous of you to not blame me for being so rude to the Grand Duke!

'He's a great man after all.

For some reason, my reputation seemed to have risen again.