60-Episode 59: I think it's raining stars.

We bought the ingredients for the potion, got our costumes for the disguise, had lunch and left the commercial district.

After purchasing the ingredients for the potion, getting a costume for the disguise, and eating lunch, we left the commercial district.
Since the auction had attracted a lot of attention, we were worried about being seen in any way.

It's not that we are doing anything wrong, so we shouldn't worry about it, but we don't feel good about our actions being watched and recorded.

Evening. After returning to the inn, we immediately left the inn and headed for the royal castle.
I thought I'd have to pack a lot of stuff, but after thinking about it, I had an item slot, so I was able to finish the moving process empty-handed.

By the time I reached the castle, it was already dark.

'I never thought I'd be living in the kingdom's royal castle, even temporarily. ......'

'Well, you're right. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.'

'You mean you're afraid!


I thought you meant that you wanted to live in the inn more.

'I don't care where I am, as long as I'm with Yuki!

'Well, it's nice of you to say so, but ......'

'I'd be fine anywhere with you, too, as long as you're with Yuki! It can be a poor cheap inn, a fearful royal castle, or an ordinary house!

I'm embarrassed to hear you say that.
It's as if I'm popular with both of them, and I'm about to make an impossible mistake.
Goodness, you've got a devilish way of naturally trying to mislead men. You have to be careful. .......

'I'm glad you two are feeling this way, but I'm going to deal with the house in the near future. Just leave it to me for now. Then we'll go to the castle.

When I came to the front of the castle and turned around to look at them.
I noticed a light above me.

A mysterious light in the night sky. Blue? Emerald green......?
Mysterious colored lights adorned the sky.

'What's the matter, sir?

'No, I just thought there was a strange light floating around. It's like a fireball.

'That's true. It's ...... something.'

It would light up and darken again and again, and the sound of the earth rumbling would reverberate.
Could it be that this feature is a .......

'A meteorite or ......?'

I spilled the words,

'A meteorite ......?

'What's a meteorite?

They don't seem to know what a meteorite is.
I don't know much about it either.

'A meteorite is, I think, a piece of material floating in space that has fallen to a planet.


'I don't know more than that!

Hmm, I guess I made it a little difficult.
What is the universe? What is a planet? What is an individual? It's also hard to explain .......

'So you can think of it as a star floating in the sky and then falling.

'What? Is that safe?

'If it falls and you get hurt, ......'

Both of them seemed to realize the gravity of the situation.
That meteorite is pretty big. Normally, it would burn up and disappear in the atmosphere, but it might fall to the ground.

'Don't worry about that. As far as the trajectory is concerned, it's a slippery slope, but it shouldn't fall on ...... King's Landing. It's also avoiding the elven villages. There will be a slight swing, but it should fall a few hundred kilometers away from the capital. The inhabited areas won't be affected. It looks like the number of demons will decrease for a while, though.''

'That's good then.'

'What about the place where the meteorite fell?

'Basically, it should make a big hole in the ground. ...... Well, it's better to go there and see. If it falls to the ground, we'll go see it tomorrow.

Maybe, but at that altitude and that size, it won't burn up in the sky.
It'll fall soon.

It was nothing but luck that it didn't fall on the capital.
In Japan, I have never heard of a meteorite causing many deaths, but in other countries, I have heard of cases where more than a thousand people were injured.

'Don't worry about it......' I know it's impossible to say, but there's no use worrying about it. It's literally a natural disaster. ...... Let's just go inside and rest for today.