58-Episode 57: I want you to stop because it's annoyi...


Welcome back, Yuki!

When I returned to the inn, I was greeted by Aleria.
I was not expecting her, but I tilted my head when I saw that Aina was not there.

'I'm back. Where's Aina?'

'She's cooking, sir. We had a dispute before, so I decided to put her on duty.

'I see, that's a good idea.

It's more reasonable to introduce a system to prevent conflicts than to just take care not to have conflicts. Surprisingly, many people can't do this, so it's a big deal that they can do it at their age.

We walked through the front door into the living room, dining room and kitchen.

'Aina, I'm home. You look like you're working hard.

'Oh, Yuki, welcome back. I thought you'd be home a little earlier.

'Well, I finished my business quickly, but I got stuck on the way here.


'It seems I've become even more famous now that I'm a Grand Duke, and the boy made me write three autographs.'

'Ah, come to think of it, we might have noticed the stares when we were leaving too.

'You're being watched, aren't you? I don't want to stand out too much.

'I don't want to stand out either, but it's like a tax on fame. I'm sure you'll get tired of it when it becomes part of your daily life, so let's just live without worrying about it for a while.

It's only now that you're getting this much attention.
The world gets bored surprisingly quickly. It's impossible to stay in the spotlight for a long time, because new topics come out one after another.

'Oh, by the way, I'm thinking of going shopping tomorrow for the first time in a while, what do you say?

'Of course I'll go with you! What are you going to buy, Yuki?

'I'm just going to buy some ingredients for a potion. Also, I thought it might be a good idea to have a disguise costume from now on.

'I want a disguise costume too. Yuki doesn't mind, but I still care about .......'

Aina seemed to be concerned about her long ears, a characteristic of elves.
There are a lot of people in this country who have an aversion and dislike for subhumans because of their long history of being oppressed.

As for me, why do I have to hide it? But even so, it is Aina who is hurting, and there is no reason to stop her.

'Then you two are coming with me. We'll be out before noon, so keep that in mind.

We'll eat breakfast at home, go shopping, have lunch when we're tired, and return to the inn in the evening.
It's a cliché, but it's the ideal plan.
I've been really busy lately, so I'll be fully refreshed tomorrow.

The next day.

The next day.
I had a little late breakfast and was about to leave the inn.

'What's this ......'.

'There's a huge crowd here. ...... Is there something wrong?

'No, no, we're the ones they're after, aren't we?

Somehow, they knew where we were staying.
If you know where it is, don't come here,......, but you don't seem to have any bad intentions.

'Good morning, Grand Duke!

'The Grand Duke is very cool!

'Grand Duke, have a good day!

This is not as offensive as some country's reporters.

'You are very popular, aren't you?

'Because he's a youki.

'It's a big difference from a while ago. ......'

A while ago, I was regarded as an adventurer recognized by Regulus, but now I'm the number two in the kingdom. It seems I'm regarded as an individual.

I decided it would be difficult to travel by land.

'Sui, I'm sorry to bother you on your day off, but can you do me a favor?

'Don't worry about it. It's been a while since I've flown.

I feel like I'm flying all the time. ...... Well, it's not like I'm going to give you a hard time about it.

You can't have a giant Sui in a crowded place.
We jumped from the ground.

We jumped from the ground and jumped on Sui.

'Well, it looks like we've got this under control.

'It's hard to go out .......'

'I wonder how long it will take to settle down. ......'

To be honest, with the kind of people who identify where you live and come at you, it's unlikely you'll get bored in a few days. .......
It seems that they don't have any bad intentions, but you can't deny the possibility of actual harm, and there is no guarantee that someone with bad intentions won't blend in.

I'm not sure how much trouble I'm going to cause the innkeepers.

'I might have to think about moving. Even if I move to the royal castle for a while, I think I need a secure base where I can settle down.

I wonder if someone could build me an apartment with an automatic lock.
A three-bedroom apartment would be enough.
I'd also like to have a supermarket on the first floor if possible.

Living in another world is not bad, but the standard is medieval or modern European level.
I miss the convenience of life.