71-Episode 70: It's not my hobby to screw down with a...

How am I supposed to explain this ......?
I've been so misunderstood in the day after tomorrow that I can't find the words.
When the old man saw me, he said.

'It's still .......'

'No, that's not it!

'You can't fool my ...... eyes with that kind of talk again.

Huh. .......
It's good to be skeptical, but it's also bad to be skeptical in the wrong direction.

'Yuki is not a dragon!

'Yes, that's rude of Yuki. He's nothing compared to a dragon.

'Yes, yes! Master is incomparable!

'......, is that so? I'm sorry.

The old man's misunderstanding gave him a strange direction of supportive fire.
I didn't want you to explain yourself like that. ...... Well, it looks like the misunderstanding has been cleared up after all, so that's good.
It's a good thing that the misunderstanding seems to have been cleared up.

And that's it. The Yellow-Eyed Pterodactyl did not make it rain, and neither did I. So I'm heading for the forest now. ...... I don't know what to say to you. I'm going to go even if you don't want me to, but I want to tell the village leaders first.

'No, don't worry about that.

'You're going to tell him for me?

'No, I'm the elder.

'What? Huh. ......'

...... If that's the case, just say so!
It would have saved me a lot of trouble.

'Well, that's it then. I'll try to convince him.'

'Well, I have a feeling you can do it.

And with that, the elder left us to inform the villagers.

Incidentally, we are going to proceed without informing the lord.
It is a matter that should be reported to the villagers first, but the lord of this kingdom is a nobleman. There's a certain rank among nobles, but given my position, there's no need to report in advance.

An after-the-fact report is enough.
Also, in this case, I have a lot of questions to ask.
The lord has a duty to ensure the survival of his people, but since the sunshine has continued, he has been very slow in making requests.

I just hope it wasn't for some childish reason like 'I was afraid to anger the dragon and report the continued sunshine.

'Arelia, Aina. ...... And, in case you're wondering, Sui, we're heading for the woods right now--' hmm?

Just as I was about to take my first step.
The rain clouds suddenly dissipated by some force, and the strong light of the sun shone through the gap.

A beautiful rainbow appeared, and there was no time to say beautiful .......

'The rain has stopped!

'The outlook is better when it's sunny, but ......'.

'In case you're wondering, I didn't do anything. But that's odd. I didn't deactivate the ...... climate control.'

Once again, I try to use climate control to surround the raincloud over the entire territory.


I felt a repulsive force as the raincloud approached the center of the village.
If I could think of anything--

'That dragon ...... doesn't want it to rain that much,' he said.

'Is it difficult even for youki......?'

Aleria peeked at me with concern.

'No, I can afford to force my way through. Thanks to the book and Sui, I can use water magic better than usual. It's just that I'm not very good at it.''

It consumes a large amount of MP and converts it into magic power.
Raise your right hand and resist the repulsive force.

It's raining like a gale.
It's difficult to adjust to the resistance.


'What's wrong?

'I can do that too. I'll take care of the chores!

'Are you okay? It takes a lot of magic.'

'Now that I'm under the master's command, I'm stronger than before. It should be fine!

'It'll be a big help if Sui can do it. Can I leave it to you?

'Of course!

After replying, I released the magic control.
The raincloud tried to leave at a great speed, but it returned like a video playing in reverse.

'You've got good coordination. Can you ...... possibly keep it cloudy?'

'This is still age ...... how old are you? I'm confident in my adjustments. Is that okay?'

'It looks good. This will make it easier if we have to fight. I don't want to get soaking wet if I can help it.

Now that we're all set, let's head out again.