70-Episode 69: I misunderstood.

It was a small territory, but rich in soil.

In the past, Loizius territory was a small territory, but it was blessed with rich soil and a lot of agricultural products.
Incidentally, the only inhabited area in this territory is the village of Loizius.
The rich land tends to attract demons, so the places where people can live are quite limited.

'This is the village ......, right?

'I think we've taken a wrong turn. ......'

'This is definitely the right place, and according to the information received in the capital, it should not be an abandoned village.

The village of Loizius had fallen into such disrepair that it was hard to believe it was inhabited.
The houses were covered with sand, the street trees had withered, and the fields had been abandoned. It was the end of the century.

While we were looking at the village in a daze, an old man who looked like a villager came out of a building.

'Oh, there's someone here!

Let's go and talk to him.

I had planned to start my inspection tomorrow, but I couldn't afford to do that given the circumstances.
Also, I don't think a vacation is in the cards.

Judging from the old man's willingness to get wet and soak up the rain, the sunshine was really bad.


'You don't look familiar to me, ......?

'We've come at the request of King's Landing. We heard there's been a lot of sunshine lately. I didn't think it would be this bad, but ......'

'Well, ......, help is finally on the way. ......'

'I'm sorry it took so long. But what's going on that it's gotten this bad in just a few days?'

'It's all the fault of that ...... idiot lord!

'The lord?

According to the documents, the lord of Loizius' domain was changed about ten years ago.
However, it is normal for a nobleman to pass from father to son in order to manage a territory. Besides, if it had happened ten years ago, the situation would not have deteriorated to this extent unless they had done something wrong.

In the first place, sunshine is like a natural disaster. It should not be the lord's responsibility.
Has the heat gotten to his head? ...... Or is there something else going on?

'The previous lord was a truly wonderful man. And yet, the son of his successor is ......'.

'But the change of lords was ten years ago, wasn't it?

'Yes, but he was replaced by an unreliable new lord. What do you think he did two months ago, after his predecessor died?'

'...... I don't know.'

'I'm sure you do. ...... Of course, that idiot lord tried to expand his territory by cutting down the forest!


The territory of Loizius is small even by itself. Considering that the area of the village that is part of it is also proportionally small, it seems natural that he would want to make it as large as possible.

However, we should think about why we have not expanded it so far.

'It is inevitable that those in the capital do not understand. The rich bounty of the Loizius territory was all provided by the Yellow-Eyed Pterosaur. Even if I told him that the forest belonged to the Dragon God, he wouldn't listen.

I've heard this kind of story before.
I've heard this kind of urban legend before my reincarnation.
It's an urban legend because there's no way to prove it.

I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

'You ...... are a very quick learner, aren't you? No one but those in the village believe it. ......'

'Well, I know dragons that look like that. I just thought it wouldn't be surprising if there were different colors.

'Are there any other dragons on ......?'

'Hmm, yeah. I know of at least one.'

I turned to Sui, who was yawning sleepily on my shoulder.
She seemed to be tired, so I let her take a break without flying her off as usual.

'Mmm...... is a big world.'

'Well. So, where is this dragon?'

'Deep in the Loizius Forest ......, you're not going there, are you!

'I'm planning to, what's the problem?

'The divine dragon doesn't like people to come near him. I'm not a villager and I don't know what will happen to me if I offend him.

'I'm not a villager, and I don't know the history, so I don't know what will happen--'

'If this is the current situation, how can it get any worse? If we don't do anything, we'll dry up.'

'No, but the people of ...... are cutting down the little food they have every day and offering it to the people. Thanks to their efforts, it's raining now. If we endure like this, things will return to normal. ......!

Ah, ......, it seems there was a fundamental misunderstanding here.
I don't know what the people of Loizius Village have done so far, but that hasn't stopped me from being angry.

'It wasn't the Yellow-Eyed Pterodactyl that made it rain. It was me.'

'What about ......?'

'I know you don't believe me when I say ....... Let me show you the proof. I'm going to stop the rain for a bit now, and then I'll start again.

I temporarily stopped the rain with 'climate control' and made the sky cloudy.
When the clouds cleared and the hot sun came out again, I changed the weather to rain.

'...... and this is what it looks like.'

'Oh ...... aww ...... if you're .......'

'Well, if I've shown you this much, I guess you've figured out who I am. Yes, I am--'

'You're the Shinryu-sama, aren't you!