39-Episode 38: I think there's a substandard adventur...

'So, when are you going to find a replacement?'

'That's why most of the C-rank and B-rank adventurers in King's Landing turned me down. ......'

'Is this kind of thing common?

'No, it's almost never.

'That's a strange coincidence. ......'

The adventurer who asked for the job must have never met Aina before.
So it's not that they rejected her because of her personality.
He probably couldn't make it because of his schedule.

'When I told them that I broke through the upper limit of the magic power test, they seemed to suspect that I was the second coming of Youki-sama. ......'

'Eh, what does that mean?

'It's well known in the capital that Yuki-sama completely overwhelmed His Majesty Regulus.

'Then, could it be that it's my fault that Aina can't find a partner for her practical test?

'It's not 'may be', it's definitive.

I didn't think that it was my fault that Aina would be inconvenienced by me. .......
This is how strong Regulus was by Wangdu standards.
Conversely, adventurers other than Regulus are weaker than him.

'Regulus is ...... Ah, he's been busy.'

I thought about asking Regulus to help with Aina's practical test instead of ...... ordering him to do it, but I'm sure he's too busy for that.

If only there was someone as good or better than Regulus who was a C-rank adventurer or higher. .......
Hmm? Wait a minute.

'Does that mean I can't be the opponent?

'Does that mean Yuki-sama will be Aina-san's opponent?'


'I see. ...... Please wait a moment.'

The receptionist left us and went to check the manual.

As I recall, the rules state that only adventurers of C rank or higher are allowed to take the practical test.
I'm C-ranked, and I've beaten Regulus.

I think I meet the requirements.

The receptionist came back after checking.

'As a general rule, we don't allow our relatives to be in charge, but since the incident with Yuki-sama, the rules have been added, and the judge's decision will be taken into consideration!

'Oh, that's good to hear.

That's quite a flexible response.

'But, like a regular officer, please keep your personal feelings out of it!

'I understand. Or rather, I don't think that's necessary.

I've been able to defeat C-rank demons as usual, and if I do my job properly, I won't fail.
Well, Aina can't beat me if I don't go easy on her, so I guess it's okay to take that into consideration.

Even under normal circumstances, it's rare for an aspiring adventurer to beat an active adventurer.

'Alright, so the test is right now, right?'

'Yes, please.

Aina and I got about five meters away from each other, and the test started after the receptionist (the judge) gave the signal.

'Ready when you are.

'Soooo, there's too much room!

I'm just doing what I've always done, but it looks like I'm doing everything right.
Of course, I didn't use any 'warding magic' or 'divine protection'.

But I couldn't go on with the test like this, so I held up my hands.

'Now you've got an opening. Come at me.'

'...... I'm coming!

The steel arrows shot out from Aina.
The arrows were fired in rapid succession, ten in a row.

'It's like you're standing still.'

I mutter in a voice so loud that only I can hear it, and draw my sword.
I accurately grasp the trajectory of each one and swing it down with my sword.

Ding, ding, ding!

The arrows fell to the ground at his feet in tatters.

'This is too out of the ordinary! It's impossible! Absolutely impossible!

'It can't be helped. How about this ...... as a slight handicap?

I tried to cast 'God's blessing' on Aina.

I don't know if it's safe for the test, but since she can freely bring weapons and robes, I guess this is okay.

'I feel so full of power. ......'

'Come on, let's go for it.


Aina put three arrows on her bow at once and drew them all at once.
She did this ten times in succession.
That's a total of thirty shots.


'I'm stronger than Regulus. ...... is still not enough.'

He swung his sword in a wide horizontal motion, creating a wind.
The direction of the wind was adjusted to catch the arrow as it was fired.

The arrow that was approaching at a high speed suddenly lost its momentum and became as if it was floating in the air, and then--


It just arrived at me in a bundle.

'Got it. Nice supply.'




For some reason, all three of them but me stiffened and sighed.

'The exam is over...'

Immediately after that, the receptionist announced the end of the exam.

'Could it be that Aina didn't pass ......?

'Aina, you have passed! I'd say that's the best result I've seen in a while, except for one of the substandard ones! That one is not human, so you can ignore it!

''Good, I don't feel like I passed .......''

It seemed that Aina had passed the practical test.

I wonder who is a more extraordinary aspiring adventurer than Aina.
I'd like to meet her.
If he's not human, could he be a demon?