38-I hope you don't fight for me.


I'm the only one who knows about the early morning accident.
When I woke up, both of them were already awake, which means I was the last one to leave the bed.
I won't blame you for crawling into bed without permission, because that would be digging a grave.

However, regardless of that, I could see the tension on Aina and Aleria's faces.

'Did you get a good night's sleep?

'Oh, thanks to you - no, I slept fine, so I'm fine.

She seemed more curt than yesterday. Did I do something wrong?

'Well, that's fine, but you'll have to calm down.

Aleria was probably also nervous because she was worried about Aina.
It's like a parent worrying about their child's exam results. Isn't that right?

'Aleria, I understand why you're worried, but Aina will pass. She'll be fine.'

'I'm not worried about that, it's fine!

'Hmm, are you, ......? I hope so.

Then why is Arelia so nervous?
I don't care about the details.

I don't care about the details.

The first test is the magic test.
This will be a hurdle, but judging by Aina's status as confirmed by the "magic eye", she's sure to pass.

'Now, put your arm here. I will measure your magic power.

The usual receptionist was in charge of the test, and Aina was about to undergo the magic power test.

The machine she's using is like the blood pressure meter that was completely useless when I was here.
It looks just like the ones you can find in supermarkets, but I wonder if it can measure blood pressure as well.

The measuring instrument is getting tighter and tighter.

'Ah, you've broken the ...... limit. At any rate, I passed the test. We'll also measure your blood pressure with a crystal, so please go there.

Unlike in my case, the receptionist proceeded without hesitation.

'You reacted differently than I did, didn't you?

'I'm used to it! The manual has been updated since the incident with Yuki-sama.

Aina approached the crystal.
It was brand new, even better than mine.
I must have broken it, so they replaced it.

'Please place your hand here. If you're about to break the limit, I'll stop you, so please let go of my hand.'

'All right.'

It's quite interesting that it's supposed to break.
Aina's MP did not exceed 100,000, so it should be possible to measure it normally.

When Aina touches the crystal, the color gradually changes.
It turned blue, then blue-violet.

'Hmm? I think I can do a little better. Keep it!

Then the color stopped changing.

'That's about 50,000! Well, that's a lot! We have a practical test next, so please get ready.

I knew there wasn't much response. .......

'Aina is amazing enough, but I guess I won't be able to feel the same excitement as I did with Yuki-sama. ......'

The receptionist slumps her shoulders and lets out a whisper. Her voice was so quiet that only I could hear it.
I'm sorry to have taken away your enjoyment.

I'm sorry.

The next step was the practical test.

The next step was the practical test, but the person in charge was running late, so please wait a while.

So, I had to wait for a while.
He said there was no problem in the schedule because there was a lot of time left before the final exam.

'Well, how did it go?

'...... what?'

Aleria suddenly said something unintelligible.
I have no idea what she's referring to.

'There's no point in getting carried away, you know. You know that Aina and I were sneaking into your bed this morning, right?

'Now what are you talking about? You were sneaking in?'

'Hmm, Yuki is not good at telling lies. He's always early in the morning, so how could he have overslept just today? He must have slept in twice, right?

What is this guy, an esper?

'I'm sure he touched my breasts ....... I don't know why Yuki is so pinpoint with her touches! Always!'

'If you don't like it, just don't come into my bed without permission, okay?

'That's not important. What's important is ...... who did you prefer, Aina or me? That's what I'm talking about.

Why are you assuming that I touched Aina as well!
You were both sleeping with her!

'It's important. If you don't make it clear, ...... I've been curious about it since this morning. ......'

Aina came into the conversation.

'What's wrong with you too, Aina?

'Aleria suddenly challenged me to a match in the middle of the night. I can't afford to lose in a game.

Aleria and Aina are fighting.
They're both smiling, but their eyes aren't smiling. It's a perfect match.

'Both of you, stop fighting for me! You both had a different kind of great feeling! That's good enough for you!'

'Did you think that would convince me?'

'Alelia's right. I'm not convinced either.

How can you say which one was better or worse?
Everyone is different and everyone is good!

As I was spinning my head at high speed, an unexpected helping hand came in.

'I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long! For some reason, when I gave you the results of the magic test, the examiner rejected me. ....... I'm looking for a replacement now. ......'

'Oh! That's a serious situation! You'll have to tell me more about the situation!

I replied loudly, as if to evade Arelia and Aina's verbal assault.