81-Episode 80: The Count was more than I imagined

''''' ooohhhh ---- ministry '''''

You're like a child.

Seven sword fighters swung their swords at us in unison.

At the same time, three of them deployed their magic and shot fireballs at us.

That's it!



Why can't the attacks reach us⁉︎?

'It's as if there's an invisible wall. ......!

'Oh, that's impossible......‼︎'

It was all nullified by the warding spell that had been deployed beforehand.

It seemed that these ten soldiers weren't much of a problem.

'Is it over?

I looked into Count Dust's eyes and smiled.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ......'

Count Dust slumped down on the spot, weak.

'Then let's have him come to the capital. I'll ask him what's going on and see what I can do.''

He said and tugged on Dust's arm.

'What are you going to do⁉︎'

'Hmm? I'm just going to let you sleep in the item slot for a while.

What the hell is that? That's a bad idea⁉︎'

'Don't worry, I've already checked the safety of it.

I mean, does this guy even know the position he's in?