80-Episode 79: The Count was more than I imagined

Yeah, I remember doing something like that.

In the new Kingdom, the first thing I did was to issue new coins and exchange them for the old ones.

I paid for my labor in the form of a grant tax, which was rather appreciated by decent lords...

'Why would your money be reduced? The face value should never be reduced.

'Ugh, shut up! Anyway, my allowance was running low, so I decided to sell the wood for money. Is that bad⁉︎?

I see.

In other words, Count Dust was cheating on his taxes and lining his pockets during the reign of King Selbert.

Although he allowed the equivalent exchange of old coins, he was afraid of being investigated on my orders for exchanging a large amount of coins at once, so he practically couldn't use money anymore.

However, once he learned the habit of spending, he couldn't control it and thought of selling off the trees in the Loizius Forest to make up for the lack of money.

The Loizius territory is famous for being the kingdom's food production area, but the high-quality wood produced in the rich land is also quite popular.

'Of course it's bad. As a result, it drew the wrath of Earth, the Yellow-Eyed Pterodactyl, and not only the territory but the entire kingdom was on the verge of a crisis.

'I've had enough of your lectures! You're whispering like my father! You guys, go f*ck yourselves!