79-Episode 78: The Count was more than I imagined

'What are you talking about? I don't remember doing anything like that. More importantly, I heard that the Loizius territory got into a lot of trouble because of you. I just came from King's Landing to rescue you.''

'......! I can't help it! I didn't think the Yellow-Eyed Pterodactyl would be angry!

A sudden excuse.

It's not that I'm questioning you, but ...... the fact that you're talking like this suggests that you understand what you've done.

I'm not sure about the circumstances, but was it really necessary to develop the land in the first place? The kingdom as a whole isn't experiencing any particular food shortage, and I don't think there's any need to expand the farmland any further.''

''Oh, that's none of your business! This is my territory's problem!

'It's because of your territory that we had to go all the way to ......?

If I hadn't been a wise man, I wouldn't have been able to take Sui with me, and I wouldn't have been able to solve the problem with Earth peacefully.

And as far as Earth's status is concerned, it would be too much for Aleria and Aina to take on alone.

I don't think anyone else can manage what these two can't.

And if this land hadn't been revived, the kingdom would have been in a serious food crisis.

This guy-- Dust is responsible for a lot.

'Oh, it's your fault! If only you hadn't done the unnecessary ......!'

'Well, ...... did I do something?'

I don't remember any of this. ......?

'You made it impossible for me to pay my taxes with old coins, so my money went down the drain!