78-Seventy-seven: The Count Was More Than I imagined ...

I'll deploy the warding spell just in case.

'...... It's pitch black.'

'Yuki, I can't see anything.'

The two voices echoed.

It's a strange situation, but it can't be helped. .......

'Hold on a second.'

I take out the cave light from the item slot and use it.

Our surroundings became brighter and easier to see, as if it were daytime outdoors.

But now...

'Get involved in ---- ministry!

''''' ooohh ---- ministry '''''

When I thought I heard a large number of voices, I was surrounded by about ten soldiers in armor.

Seven of them were pointing swords at me, and three of them were pointing their hands at me, ready to unleash magic at any moment.

'...... What do you think you're doing?'

I asked, and a man dressed in the luxurious attire of a nobleman appeared on my face.

He was about 160 centimeters tall, with a long torso.

He was not a fat ...... man who would have weighed over a hundred kilos, but a giant.

I know this man's name.

I had seen him there because I was in a position to see portraits of royalty whenever I wanted.

This is Count Dust Loizius, the current lord of Loizius territory.

I heard that he was a relatively close blood relative of the recently executed King Selbert.

'He's probably thinking of kicking me out anyway! You, I've heard rumors! I heard that you've been ravaging the kingdom!