85-Episode 84: The Count was more than I imagined

On the way back to the capital.

On the way back to the royal capital, riding on Sui's back.

'You're so open-minded that you don't get angry when someone points a sword at you, but rather you treat them kindly.

'Indeed. You can't do that normally.'

For some reason, the two of them were also surprised.

'No, it's not like I showed them mercy like you two think.

'Oh really⁉︎'

'What do you mean, ......?'

'Let's see. According to Earth, there's no bridge in this area, right? The cost of transporting food to other villages was too high. That's directly related to the income of the villagers. The income of the villagers also affects the tax revenue of the Loizius territory. Just building the bridge will enrich the national treasury in the long run, so it would be a loss not to do it.

'Oh, you thought of that⁉︎'

'That's not all. Sending people all the way from King's Landing to the frontier would cost a fortune in accommodation and other expenses, but if you give those soldiers two gold coins, they'll work with all their might.

It is true that two gold coins is a high price for a day laborer, but it is still cheaper than dispatching people from the royal capital, including non-craftsmen, and above all, it is expected that they will work with high motivation.

Loizius territory is the largest food production area in the kingdom.

We can't afford to let them do sloppy work.