90-Episode 89: I'm going to choose souvenirs

I'm sorry.

Seven days after we sent the letter to the empire, in the afternoon.

We received a reply letter.

Thanks to the fact that the messenger from the capital received the reply letter and delivered it in a hurry, we only had to wait a week for a round trip.

In his letter to the emperor, he wrote only that Aelyria was under the protection of the kingdom.

He wanted to send her back to the Empire and explain the situation to the Grand Duke himself.

I've also given a brief explanation of the current situation.

I've also included the fact that Aleria herself wants to stay in the kingdom for now.

It would be too rude to write about the spellbook, so I'll let Aleria ask about it after we meet in person.

'How did you like it, ......?

Aleria, perhaps anxious about the content of the reply, became nervous.

'Calm down. Let's open it first.

I cut the seal and read the letter silently.

It began with a greeting and thanked him for protecting Aleria.

When I finished reading everything, my shoulders relaxed.

'He's going to meet me. Now we just have to figure out how to explain it.

If he explained too vividly that he slept in the same bed with Aleria or that they were living together, he could be killed. We have to think of a good explanation. .......

'That's a relief! So, when do you want to go?'

'Oh, it says that too. They want you to come as soon as possible, whenever you want. I think that's how worried they are about Aelyria. Even though it's ......, if we head out today, it'll probably be night before we get there, so we'll probably leave first thing tomorrow morning.

'Father ...... and mother ...... will meet again after a long time.'

Aelyria had said at one point that she would not be returning to the Empire, but she seemed to be having a great time.

I'm sure it's partly because she's returning to Japan for a while, but I think she's always cared about her family.

From my point of view, Aleria has grown up very well and has been well taken care of.

It may have been a good thing for her to have the opportunity to meet her family like this.

With that in mind...

'Now that we've decided to go to the Empire, why don't we go to the commercial district for the first time in a while? Of course, we can all go together!

'Why the commercial district ......?

At Aleria's suggestion, Aina made a strange face.

Aina doesn't get it either.

It's not unusual for Aleria to come up with outlandish ideas.

'Since it's been a while since you've been back, you should bring a souvenir from King's Landing! Something delicious!

While Aleria is saying this, I'm sure her parents are not in the best of moods,......, but that's okay.

'Well, you do have a point. I'm sure they'll be happy with what Aleria has chosen for them.'

'That's true, too.'

'Wow, I'm so happy!

'Well, let's get going. Sui, I'm sorry, but--'

I was about to say.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.

Was it a fight ......?

'What are you doing?

'I'm grounding myself. If you think about it, Sui is bigger than this guy, but it's not right to put him on your back.'

'Yeah, that's true, if you ask me.

When we were coming back to the capital from Loizius territory, and for a while after that, me, Aleria, Aina, and Earth were being carried by Sui.

Dragons seem to be a vertical society, and there must be something they can't compromise.

Besides, even if you discount the fact that Sui's position is higher than Earth's, you're putting too much burden on Sui.

It's understandable that she's frustrated.

'I want to be of service to my master, but I want to be neat about this.

'Don't worry, I know how you feel. Let Earth do her best today.