14-Episode 13: I was too sleepy.

'Captain, what should we do!

The assassination squad was in chaos as they could not break through the warding magic despite using magical weapons.
They had never failed in a mission before.

'No matter what we do, the mission is a failure. --We'll just have to report it as it is.

'No way. ......!

'We can't even get close enough to them to hit them. Even if we could get close enough, it would be too much for us. I hate to admit it, but it's a fact we have to accept.'

'...... Yes, it is.'

'But it's paid off.'

'I mean...'

'The target has monstrous abilities. We found out that we can't beat him. The only ones who can take him on are the brave ones.

'Are you sure the target is human? ......'

'If it's not a demon, it's probably a human. ...... Huh, he's no match for a human who isn't even a hero. The world is a big place.

The captain raised the corner of his mouth as he said, 'Captain .

'Captain ......, aren't you happy about something?

'I would never say this in front of the king, but he is a man of power that may even surpass the brave. --I didn't like the brave man's misbehavior. I don't like the brave man's misbehavior. I think the brave man will become a little more nervous.

'I see, that's what you mean. ......'

'So much for talking nonsense. We'll destroy all the evidence we can and withdraw quickly. As always, stay calm.

And so, the assassination squad withdrew without even touching Yuki, let alone meeting him face to face.


Chun chun.

'Um, Yuki-san! Please wake up!

Someone is shaking your body.

'...... Look who it is, it's you.

When I opened my sleepy eyes, it was the guild's receptionist. She said she would come back in the morning to tell me if I passed or failed the exam, but I didn't realize that it was already morning.

'I've never seen anyone fall asleep in the middle of a final exam before! Normally they'd be watching us all night, you know?'

'He didn't show up for any length of time, so I took a break. It's easy to see when they get close. I didn't expect you to fall asleep, though.''

Inside the warding spell, most of the sounds from outside are blocked out.
You don't even notice unless someone is talking to you from very close.

Alone in a quiet space. In the dead of night when the trees and plants are asleep. Only one light from the fire.
It's an excuse, but I couldn't resist the urge to sleep with all three.

The sleeper is stronger than any human being - I understood that.

'So, about the results of the test...'

'No, wait a minute. It's not my fault that the officer in charge dropped out. I'm protesting.'

'Please hear me out. The officer in charge didn't ditch the test in the first place.'

'What? But he didn't show up.'

'It's not that he didn't show up! It's that he couldn't come.

'It's the same thing.

'Not at all. We couldn't break through the mysterious invisible wall, and the raid failed.

Ah, you mean the warding spell.
I've already tested that I can break that wall, but is it hard in some places?
No, no, it should be uniform.

Maybe it's because my MP is being used, but I can understand it with my senses.

'Huh? Then how come you can get inside the wards?

You haven't broken the warding spell yet.
Or rather, I know that it hasn't been broken.

'What? I could get in just fine.

There's a way for someone other than me to get inside the wards-oh, I remember the receptionist was nearby when I taught Aleria the password.
It turned out all right this time, but you have to be careful when you teach her the password.

'Oh, no, it's nothing. Go ahead.'

'Huh. So, you see. Congratulations on ....... You've passed the exam!

'Oh! I didn't fight, is that okay?'

'According to the regulations, you will be evaluated on your response to the attackers. At first glance, it may seem that if you don't respond, you will fail the test, but the purpose of this test is to evaluate your ability to respond in a practical camp. But the purpose of this test is only to evaluate your ability to respond to the actual camp. Since you kept the camp intact until six o'clock, it would be strange if you didn't pass.

'I see, that makes sense.

'And here's the ID card issued by the guild. Here you go.

The guild ID card had a titanium-like texture that seemed strong.

My name and adventurer rank E were engraved on it.
In the corner, there was also an engraving of the seal of the guild of the capital, which guaranteed that this was a real guild card.

'Can I start receiving requests today?

'Of course. But since you don't seem to be ...... very tired after the final exam, you should be fine. I'm more sleepy than you are. This is absolutely ridiculous.

'It's nice to be able to take requests right away. I'll wake up Aleria and head there right away.''

'Yes, the Royal City Guild will be waiting for you!

Thus, I became an adventurer.
Being an adventurer is like being a mercenary, it does not mean that you have a regular job.

But work is work.

I was fired from the company, reincarnated in another world, suddenly kicked out, and so on, but I finally found a way to live in another world.

I don't want to be on a career path like when I joined the company.
It would be great if I could work moderately and live a slow and relaxed life in the countryside.