13-Episode 12: Moderate relaxation is also necessary.

'The rules for the final exam are to set up camp here and be evaluated on your response to the marauders. The officers in charge are multiple adventurers of C rank or higher, so consider it impossible to fight them off. ...... Well, Yuki-san may be special, but'

'No, no, yesterday's was luck, too. I'll be on my guard.

The most dangerous time is when you get halfway strong and become proud. I'm going to keep my eyes open until the end and get through the exam with the best solution.

'Good luck to you. The test will last up to six o'clock tomorrow morning. You never know when an assailant will strike.' --Even in a real camp, demons can strike suddenly, so if you pass this test, you'll be a great adventurer.'

'I see, thank you.

'Well then, I'll leave you to it. I'll let you know the results when the test is over.

With that, the receptionist leaves.

This campsite, located on the outskirts of the capital, looks like it has been cleared out of an artificial forest, and the visibility is very poor.
We have no idea whether the attackers will come from the land or from the sky.

It might be better to consider the possibility of them coming from underground.
If we don't pass the test this time, we'll run out of money, so we can't afford to lose heart.

We'll have to be careful.

"Warding Magic Lv2".

When I opened the skill tree, I found that I could use SP.
SP1 is required for Lv1 to Lv2, SP2 is required for Lv2 to Lv3, and so on.

If you have enough SP, you can level up infinitely, but that's not the case.

At the moment, the limit of what I can do with warding magic at level 1 is up to Lv2.

At Lv2, I can notice when my wards are broken. In addition, the strength of the barrier has also increased.

Now, let's gather around a campfire.
The fire pit in the campsite has been pre-lit.
You add firewood to it.

I'll roast the raw fish I have in the item slot and enjoy it.
Not knowing when the assailant (the officer in charge) would come, I could not stay tense for long.

If you are exhausted when you are ready to fight, you will not be able to perform at your best.
A moderate amount of relaxation is also necessary.

〜Assassination Squad

The leader of the assassination squad looked at his watch.
After confirming that all four members were present, he opened his mouth.

'Okay, time to go. Let's move on to the mission.

'So the target is an aspiring adventurer boy. ...... I'm sorry to hear that.'

One of the men spoke up,

'No need for sympathy. The target is being marked by the kingdom. This is just a rumor, but it is said that he has committed a grave betrayal to the kingdom. I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that he is the one who caused the kingdom's recent failure to summon a hero.

I'm not sure what to do.
That is why, even if it is something that people would normally know, there are times when twisted facts are spread through rumors.

'How can a boy of 15 or so do such a thing?

'This mission was ordered by King Selbert himself. I guess that's what it is.''

'I see, ......, so you can't be too careful.

'That's what it means. Take heart! Never underestimate them! All right, we'll charge in...'

And so the assassination squad's mission began.

'Captain! We have an emergency!

What's going on? Has the target been spotted?

'No, there's an invisible barrier around the area, so we can't charge in!

The captain slams his knife into the barrier.


Even though there was nothing there, the knife didn't go in as if something had bounced it off.
It was as if there was a real wall there--

'Is this ...... warding magic or ......?

'No way, it's ...... lost ancient magic, isn't it?

'Then how do you explain this?

'It's .......'

'Rebuild the operation on the premise that it is a warding magic! ''Warding magic can be defeated by an attack force above a certain level. Assume it's not possible with a sword or ordinary magic.''

'Are you sure you don't want to abort the mission?

Assassination squads are supposed to retreat immediately in case of unforeseen circumstances.
But the captain shook his head.

'This is an order from the king. We cannot retreat. We have no choice but to charge. --We will carry out our mission no matter what it takes.'

The troopers responded to the word 'any move.

'So you're going to use that thing?

'It can't be helped. We'll get the king's approval after the fact. Prepare the magic weapon.

'Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Magical weapons-- modern weapons that overpower human magic.
It can blow up a small village with a single blow.
It's shaped like a buzz car.

'The target should be near the fire. Put it there.'

'Yes, sir!

The team members set their sights on Yuki's location and steadily prepared their magic weapons.

'Captain, everything's ready!

'Well done. Then set it to fire in 60 seconds. We'll take temporary shelter.'

Because of the high attack power of the weapon, there is a risk of injury from large trees collapsing.
Therefore, we are supposed to evacuate to a safe place and kill the target in the confusion if he survives.

''''' Yes! ''''

The assassination squad all move to a remote location.
Just as they finished moving, the magic weapon automatically fired a round--


Dust flew in the air, and the impact was so strong that it blinded my vision.
The assassination squad returned to the location of the warding magic for confirmation.

'Did you do it, ......?

'Captain, no! The warding spell hasn't even faltered!

'What the hell ......?'