43-Episode 42: It's like spatial magic.

It didn't take long to reach the detention center in King's Landing.

It didn't take long for us to reach the detention center in King's Landing after we stored the bandits in the item slot.
The detention center was located on the outskirts of the capital, but the location of the hideout was close to the center of the city.

'We've been waiting for you, Master Yuki!

The detention center, which was designed so that no one would escape, seemed to be a very solid building.
A guard waits at the gate in shifts 24 hours a day.

The young gatekeeper who greeted me looked at me a little suspiciously.

'Where is that ...... bandit ......?

'Oh, here.'

I take one of the bandits halfway out of the item slot.

'Heee! ...... hey, you're alive!'

'That's no problem. I can store them like this with special magic. Rather than releasing it here, wouldn't it be better to let it out after it's inside the facility?

'That's of course. It's ......, but I didn't know such magic existed. You are indeed Yuki-sama, or rather ...... as they say.''

I'm not exactly sure if it's magic or not, but it's easier to explain.
If I'm asked the same thing in the future, I'll answer like this.

I was led by the gatekeeper into the facility.

''''' I've been waiting for you! '''''

'Oh, hey ......, thanks for keeping me waiting ......'.

I didn't expect to be greeted by about 10 guards all at once. .......
The most senior of the guards, an old man who seemed to be the director of the facility, looked at my surroundings and gave me a strange look.

I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

The guard from earlier explained on my behalf.
As if to back up the guard's explanation, he poked the bandit's face out of the item slot.

'So, ...... space magic. This is more than I've heard. ......'

'Spatial magic, you say?'

'That's right, sir. Since there are no space magic users today, I can only guess from the records, but I think it is exactly space magic.

'I see, spatial magic. ......'

It looks just like the screen of the game, but if you don't know the game, there is no other way to explain it.
It doesn't seem to exist as a skill, so I guess it's similar to spatial magic, but different.

'Well, anyway, if we're going to interrogate her now, I think I'll go to the interrogation room and take it out first. Lead the way, please.'

'All right, sir. This way, sir.

I will follow the guards and go around the interrogation room one by one to take out the bandits.
In the case of group crimes, each bandit is required to be interviewed independently.

This is one of the ways to prevent the guards from being deceived by conflicting stories.

The interrogation room is a little dark because not much light comes in.
The walls do not seem to be made of stone, but they are made of a solid material. It may be orichalcone.

In the center of the room is only an inorganic table and chair.
You take out one of the bandits from the item slot and make him sit on the chair.

'Oh, I thought I was at the hideout. ...... Why the sudden change in scenery?

One of the bandits shivers in surprise.

'This is a detention center. This is your chance to atone for your sins. I'm not going to say anything bad, just confess to what you did.'



A man tries to raise his arms and finds they're stuck.
For the first time, he realized that his arms were handcuffed.

His shoulders slumped and he broke out in a cold sweat.
He finally understood his situation.

'Ho, I really did bring him in alive. ......'

Leaving the rest to the guards, I decided to take a short break.
I'm a little worried about the stunned bandits, but they can't move, so they should be fine.

I'll be fine.

I rested in the rest room of the detention center for about thirty minutes, rehydrating myself.
He may have confessed to a few things, so I'll go check on him.

I headed for the interrogation room of the bandits' leader.
I believe the facility manager was in charge.

'How's he doing?

'Mr. Yuki. We're having a little trouble, but don't worry. I'll have him throw up in no time.'

'I'm not going to throw up!

The leader of the bandits glared at the facility manager with a challenging look.

'Shut up!


The sound of the facility manager slamming the desk reverberates throughout the room.

'You have parents too, don't you? They're probably crying right now.'

'I'm an abandoned child! I don't need anyone's love, and I never will!

'......, be a big boy and confess. You'll find out all about it as soon as you look it up.

'Huh, you wouldn't be asking if you knew. Even my friends won't talk about it.'

'If it's ......, I'll do everything in my power to make you tell me!

The interrogation seemed to be going very slowly. Half an hour had passed and no progress had been made.
The facility manager left the bandits and tried to leave the room.

'Where are you going?

'Master Yuki. Don't worry. I was thinking of torturing him now.

'A man with a stiff mouth won't throw up if you torture him. There's a trick to this kind of thing.

'......, what do you mean?

'Why don't you give me five minutes of your time? I'll try to get him to throw up in that time.'

'Five minutes, ......? I don't mind, but I don't think you can do anything but torture this man.

'If you can't, then you can torture him.

I sat down opposite the bandit leader.

'Now, why don't you talk to me for a minute?