92-Episode 91: The art of kneading has evolved

Since it would be a waste of time to just wait around, we decided to make a potion while we were there.

It was also convenient that there was a resting area in front of the general store.

Now that my character level has risen to 5, I can set Alchemy to Lv.2.

I can raise the skill level of "Climate Control" and "Common Tongue" to Lv.3 when my character level is 5, but apparently the required level of "Alchemy" is different.

No, to be precise, not only "Alchemy" but also "Boundary Magic" can only be raised to Lv.2, and "System Operation" and "God's Blessing" can't even be raised from Lv.1 yet.

I don't even know if or to what extent you can level up, but I do know that the requirements for leveling up are different for each skill.

--So I spent 2 SP and upgraded my skill to "Alchemy Lv.2".

I'll try it out right away.

I mixed "Holy Flower" and "Blue Herb" to make a magic potion.
Blended 'Holy Flower' and 'Red Herb' to make 'Life Force Potion'.

I made 1,000 of each of these potions, and all of them were successful.

Then, using the holy water Sui had made for me, I combined the magic potions with each other and with the life force potions.

As a result, we were able to create 500 Level 1 Glowing Potions each.

Last time, the success rate of synthesizing these into Level 2 Glowing Potions dropped to 50 percent, but now that my skill level has increased, what will happen?

Now that my skill level has increased, what will happen?

I proceeded quickly and finished the whole process, but...

'Huh? Isn't it a bit different than I thought ......?

As a result of synthesizing five hundred potions, the number of successful Life Force Potion Level 2 was 252.

In terms of probability, it should be two hundred and fifty, which is two too many, but this is probably within the margin of error.

In other words, the skill level of alchemy is not linked to the success rate.

'Sui, what exactly changes when the level of alchemy increases?

'I'm not sure about the 'level'. But the alchemists that Sui knows have created something completely different!

'Totally different things ......? I have no idea.

As the level of the potion increases, its performance increases dramatically. So that's something totally different ......?

I don't think so either.

Let's get on with it.

Change the Glowing Life Force Potion level 2 to Glowing Life Force Potion level 3.
Glowing Vitality Potion Level 3 to Glowing Vitality Potion Level 4.
Level 4 Glowing Vitality Potion becomes Level 5 Glowing Vitality Potion.

The success rate from level 2 to level 3 is 25 percent, the same as before.
The success rate from Level 3 to Level 4 is 12.5%.
The success rate from Level 4 to Level 5 is 6.25 %.

The results were as follows.