2-to blow off

 I don't even remember how many orcs I cut.
The back of my head is still throbbing.

The corpses of the Orcs and their comrades lay on the ground.
Finally, when I thought I had almost destroyed this group of Orcs, from the back of the room, I saw a man about three meters tall, twice as tall as the Orcs I had seen so far, with a wrestler-like physique, and an axe like a woodcutter's that I wondered where he had picked up.

'Oak King...'
Someone muttered.
'Archers! Shoot arrows at him!
The captain of this squad shouts.
The archers hurriedly pick up their arrows and fire.
The arrows reached the Orc King, but did not pierce him.
'Oh, my God! How hard can it be?
Someone muttered weakly.
They're coming! All of you intercept!
The Orc King walks toward us with slow but steady steps.
He raises his axe above his head and swings it down on a soldier's head.
The soldier catches the axe with his sword.
But the axe swung down on his head, sword and all, and the soldier's head split open like a pomegranate.
It was a scene that made me wonder if I was in hell.
One by one, his comrades were dying.
'The eyes! Aim for his eyes!
At the captain's words, the archers and spearmen tried to aim, but they couldn't hit him because he was too high and above all, he was moving.

'Hey, is there anything?
I said to myself as I looked around and spotted something.
An axe still in the hand of a larger orc who has already fallen.
You rush over, pick up the axe, and sneak around behind the orc.
(For God's sake, please don't let my Achilles tendon be tight!
With a golf swing, you take a full swing at the Orc King's left ankle!

The Oak King lets out his first cry of pain and drops his left knee to the ground!
He lets out a yelp.
'Pat, run!'
Wayne shouts.
The next thing I know, the axe the Orc King was swinging in agony is right in front of my side.
(Behind you! I can't do that, I have to go forward!)
In a split second of thought, I lunged at the Orc King.
The handle of the axe, not the blade, slammed into my side.
I blow up, and my companion's spear pierces the Orc King's eye.
I'm knocked out.