'Where am I?
I said out loud,
'Wounded warrior aid station. I'm glad you're awake, how's the pain?
Someone answered. It's my colleague Wayne.
Wayne Kimball.
He's fifteen like me, maybe six feet tall. His long golden hair swayed in the wind.
'Hey, Wayne! My side hurts like hell.
I replied,
'I bet you do. You're lucky you weren't killed by the Orc King's blow, even if it was a piece of wood!
He smiles at me with his blue eyes.
'And the Oak King?
'After that, my spear got stuck in his eye and we all managed to kill him. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to carry you this far.''
'That's great! Wayne gets all the credit!
'No, no, no. It's Pat. Without it, the spear wouldn't have reached you. Even the captain praised it.
'No, I got blown up and fainted. It's not cool... If I was a muscle-bound macho like you, I'd be fine...'
'I don't know what a muscular macho is, but you're definitely not complimenting me, are you? Oh well, it's great that you were able to get behind me.
(Don't worry about the details, handsome guy!)
'I don't have much of a presence there!
'It's true that it's always hard to tell where you are, Pat!

We both laugh,
I laughed and it hit me in the side.

'Get some sleep! I'll go tell the captain you're awake.'
With that, Wayne leaves.

Looking to the side, there are many wounded soldiers. There's also a soldier further back with a cloth over his head.
How many have been killed or wounded?

The Orc pack was discovered by an adventurer, and the 3rd Battalion of the Kingdom's 1st Army was ordered to go out and kill the Orc pack quickly, so it's probably a relief that the people weren't harmed.
Thinking of this, I closed my eyelids again.