Lie down and think.

(But then again, I'm an ex-Japanese, right? I've never heard of an Achilles' heel in this world.)

Pat, real name Patrick Rigsby.
Third son of a baronet in the western frontier of the Mental Kingdom. He is not the eldest son who will inherit the family in this world where 15 years old is the age of maturity, he is the second son who is used as a backup or as a son-in-law to connect with other families. Well, there are not many families that take a son-in-law, so one second son is enough, and there is no demand for third sons and beyond. If they were daughters, they would be in demand because they would be married off.

The third son, Patrick, joined the Royal Army as soon as he came of age.
This is the pattern of most noble families after the third son.

(The first and second sons of Baron Rigsby are the children of his wife. I'm the son of a concubine. Well, it's more accurate to say I was kicked out of the house. His mother died of an illness two years ago. But that house is a bunch of scum. The father only cares about taxing the people, the eldest son is a pompous incompetent, the second son is a burly macho coward, and his wife is a pig who only cares about jewelry.

I'm glad I joined the army and there's no one left to curse.
I was the only one with dark hair and eyes, so they could say I was the son of the devil, or that I was too thin, or that I didn't have Rigsby's blood, or that I was cursed, or whatever they wanted to say. Her mother must have been stressed and sick if she lived in such a house.
Well, the memories of Japanese people are also full of things they don't want to remember, so let's soldier on and live comfortably.)


'Patrick Rigsby is awake, sir!
Wayne reports to the captain.
'Mmm, thanks for the report! Stand down, good.'

'But that's the new recruit, Patrick Rigsby. You've got some guts.'
The second-in-command speaks to the captain.

'So he's the third son of the Rigsby family. I wasn't expecting him, but he's pretty good. I thought that family was just a bunch of big guys with no guts.

'I heard that both the first and second sons applied for discharge in less than three months?

'The first son lasted one month. The second son was two months, I think.'

'Isn't one month even the end of their training?

'Yeah, he ran away during the field training, thinking he couldn't sleep in a tent.

'Then again, what can I say?

'The second son also finished his training, but he ran away just before the actual battle, because he had no guts.

'Why don't you drink some of the third son's nails?

'That's right!

'What are you going to do about Patrick Rigsby's prize?
'He's a sergeant now, isn't he?

'Yes, sir, coming from a noble family, sergeant at the end of training is basic.

'Five gold coins and a promotion to sergeant will be fine.

'Yes, sir! I'll do it that way, sir.

'Also, three gold pieces for Wayne and ten silver pieces for the rest of you.

'Yes, sir!