5-Let's go to the weapons store.

'Five gold coins?
I couldn't help but exclaim when I saw the contents of the bag I received at the prize ceremony after returning to the barracks.
The currencies of this world are gold, silver, and copper coins.
One gold coin is 100 silver coins.
One silver coin is 100 copper coins.
One copper coin is 100 Japanese yen, which may help you understand.
In reality, there are three types of coins: large silver coins, which are worth 10 silver coins, large copper coins, which are worth 10 copper coins, and small copper coins, which are worth a quarter of a copper coin. A small copper coin costs about 25 yen. Cheaper goods are basically sold for 25 yen each.
A silver coin is worth 10,000 yen, and a gold coin is worth 1 million yen.
That's 5 coins!

Five million yen!

I couldn't help but jump for joy.
'Hey! What are you going to do with the money?
(There he is, the handsome guy!) I thought,

'Oh! Isn't that Wayne who got three gold coins?

'Shut up, it's Master Sergeant Patrick who got five gold pieces!
The two of them laugh at each other.

'Let's go to the weapon shop!

I invite Wayne to join me.
If you join the army of this kingdom, you'll be provided with a minimum of military equipment.
A private (commoner recruits start here) gets one spear. A private has a spear and a one-handed sword.
But the supplies are not new.

And for sergeants (where aristocratic recruits start from), it's a spear and a two-handed sword, but they're used ones.
Some of them are on the verge of breaking. In fact, this was Patrick's first actual battle, and his spear was broken at the first blow.
So he had to fight with his two-handed sword, and was hit in the back of the head because he was fighting at the distance of the orc's club.
'You don't want to be hit by a club, do you?
Wayne agreed with a laugh.

'Spears are pretty expensive.
This was Patrick's impression at the weapon shop.
In this world, spears are often the main weapon in battle.
The main reason for this is that they can attack demons while maintaining a certain distance.
Even against humans, spears have an advantage over swords if their strength is equal.
A cheap spear can be bought for as little as 50 silver coins, but if a spear of one gold coin is placed next to it, even a layman can see the difference.

Weapons are more important than gold.

Whether a weapon is good or bad depends on the person.
Some are more concerned with cutting ability, others with strength, and still others with handling and weight. There are also those who are foolish enough to say that they are concerned with appearance.
'What about you, Wayne?

'I'd like a sturdy one with moderate weight.
And the clerk says,
'Then this is the one. The shopkeeper said, 'Well then, this is the one.
And he brought out a spear.
It was a spear made of all iron.

'It looks heavy.

I said without thinking, and the shopkeeper said,
The shopkeeper said, 'It's hollow inside, so it's not so heavy.
I see, it's in the shape of a pipe.
Wayne picked it up and shook it lightly.

'What's the price?

He likes it.
'Two gold pieces.

'Too expensive. One gold coin and fifty silver coins!

'No, no, no, that's made of pretty good iron by good craftsmen. One piece and 75 pieces!
'Do something about it! One piece and 65 coins!
'That's the limit, one and seventy!
'That's it, then!

1.7 million yen.
'So, which one do you want?

'I'll go for a lighter one with more cutting power!

'Then it's this one, this one.
The owner of the store brought out two spears from the back.

'This one has a slightly shorter handle, so it's lighter, easier to handle, and has excellent cutting power. This one has a normal length and the tip is a little smaller, so it feels lighter when you hold it. The cutting performance is excellent. The cutting performance is excellent.
With the middle finger of my left hand, I tap the side of my black, single-lidded eye. This is a habit of mine when I think, but it helps me to think calmly.
(It's easier to get hit in the back of the head with a long finger than a short one, right?)
I came to the conclusion,

'I'll take the one with the short tip! But it's expensive, isn't it?
But it's expensive, isn't it?' I ask the owner.

''What a surprise, that spear, special service this time, one gold coin for free!
''I bought it!
''Thank you!

After they left, the owner of the store said,
''Why did you sell that spear for one gold coin? Couldn't you have gotten a little more?
She asked the owner's husband.
'Just for the heck of it?
'Stupid husband!
I heard shouting and slapping noises from inside the store...

Sometimes it's better not to know.