6-Soldier's Job 1

 Morning comes early for soldiers.
No, not only soldiers, but all people in this world have early mornings.
Since there is no such thing as electric light, night light is provided by candles or firewood.
Candles are expensive, and the common people often use firewood. But firewood is also expensive.

Therefore, the common people start their activities at sunrise.
Soldiers, without exception, start their activities at sunrise.
The first thing they do is run early in the morning. They carry a heavy load on their backs and run through the training grounds.

After that, breakfast is served.
On the menu: hard black bread.
Bean soup. Bacon.
That's it!
The bacon is the best part.

After you eat, you'll start your shift.
There's a variety of duties, but the main one is patrolling to maintain security in King's Landing. This is like the Japanese police.
Next, the gatekeepers of King's Landing.
The purpose of this is to prevent criminals from entering and to prevent the flow of illicit goods. They check the back of carriages and see if there is anyone who resembles the description of a criminal.
Next is the patrol around the royal city.

This world is a fantasy of swords and bows.
Naturally, there are demons like the orcs we've already seen.
There are also the standard goblins.
They are small, but they are troublesome because they form groups.

They are more powerful and wise than orcs.

There are many kinds of dragons, including wyverns.
There are other kinds of dragons, but they are not included here.
The purpose of the patrol is to detect and eliminate them as soon as possible.

An adventurer is a person who is commissioned to kill demons or collect medicinal herbs in a region.
Since medicinal herbs also grow around the royal capital, the adventurer who found the pack of orcs this time was an adventurer who mainly collected medicinal herbs.

'Is today going to be a bad day?

'I heard there were three orcs yesterday.

'Really? Then maybe not today.
The team members walk around complaining.

Goblins swarm.
If you see one, assume there are three.
That's goblin common sense.
I'm talking about the possibility that they were the last three.
'Don't let your guard down because there might be more of them.
Wayne, the second-in-command of the platoon, said.

'Yes, sir! Sir, yes, sir.
The first sergeant replies.

'What do you think, captain?

'It's been a while since he left yesterday, right? I have a feeling he's still here.
Patrick replies.

'Because he was promoted to sergeant and put in charge of a platoon.
The smallest unit in the army is the squad.

A squad is three men.
Three squads is a platoon.
Three squads is a platoon. Three squads is nine men plus the platoon leader is ten men.
The platoon consists of a sergeant, a corporal, a captain, a private, a private first class, and a private second class.
I'm next in line for sergeant, Wayne. So I'm second in command.

'Let's go a little deeper.'
I tell them all.