7-Soldier's Job 2

 We walked deeper into the forest for half an hour,
I heard noises and cries from deep within.
'Stop! Sergeant Wayne's squad will take the right side, Corporal Tony's squad will take the left side, and Corporal Mirko's squad will take the center with me. Understood?'
Everyone nodded.

'Wayne's squad and Tony's squad, time your assault for five minutes after we start moving.
He produces a tool the size of the palm of his hand. It's a magic tool of time.
'Then let's move!
Wayne's squad and Tony's squad move off.
This world has 12 months of 360 days a year, 24 hours a day of 30 days a month, and 60 minutes an hour.
There are two moons in the solar calendar.
There are no leap years.
The time grimoire is expensive, but it is provided to squad leaders and above because it is necessary for military service.
Let's go.
Patrick calls out to Corporal Mirko, who has short brown hair and blue eyes. He is about ten years older than Patrick. He is a slender, austere man. The other two men move forward slowly and quietly.

In a slightly open area, five goblins are devouring the bellies and entrails of fawns.

'Bows ready...'
Everyone quietly raises their bows.
It's a standard goblin hunting technique.


With a whoosh, the arrows are released.
At about the same time, arrows are fired from both sides.
The arrows pierced the three animals on the outside.
The goblins, not fatally wounded, rolled about, moaning.
The other two look up from the fawn's corpse and scurry around.
'Second shot, those who are ready, fire first!
I order loudly so that the rest of the squad can hear.

With a whirring sound, the arrows fly and hit the two goblins.
'Everyone, stay alert and go for the finish line!
'Yes, sir!
'Yes, sir!
And from the trees, the troops begin to move.

Each of them changes their weapons from bows to spears and pierces the necks and hearts of the writhing goblins.
Five goblins are completely silenced.
'Cut off their heads! They'll turn into zombies if you leave them alone! Just keep the noses for proof of defeat!''
Wayne ordered his men.

Wayne and the others don't realize that there's a creature watching the scene from further back.