8-Soldier's Job 3

Goblins are bipedal demons at the bottom of the pyramid.
They are the ones to be hunted, so to speak.
Above the goblins are other bipedal demons such as orcs, ogres, trolls, and cyclopses.
Of these, the monsters that prey on goblins are,

Orcs and ,


I'm not sure what to make of that.
Wayne turned his head in panic,
'Trolls...⁉︎ Why are they here?

A Troll,
They're about four meters tall and very powerful.
However, their intelligence is low and they lack agility.
'Each of you! Prepare for battle! Grab your bows! Fire at your own discretion!
At the sound of Patrick's voice, everyone readied their bows and fired their arrows.
A few arrows pierce, but are not fatal.

A troll slowly approaches.
'Keep firing!
The flying arrows pierce the belly of the troll, but due to the thick subcutaneous fat, they do not reach the internal organs.
'All ready to spear!
He threw away his bow and readied his spear.
Apparently, the troll felt that he was the strongest and set his sights on Wayne. They walk towards Wayne.
In the troll's right hand, he holds a log that he seems to have picked up along the way.


The log is swung around with a bang.
Wayne dodges and thrusts out his spear.
The spear sticks a few dozen centimeters, but Wayne can't get it out even when he pulls. The troll swings the log regardless.

Wayne takes his hand off the spear to dodge the log.
While Wayne is trying to dodge the log, the rest of the team thrusts their spears out, but they only pierce the log by a few millimeters.
Perhaps it was the difference in weapons and skill.

Wayne gives up his spear and prepares his two-handed sword.
He fights off the swinging log with his sword and swings it with all his might at his belly.
He slices a few inches of fat from his belly, but the troll grunts and lunges forward.

'Wayne! Crouch!'

At the sound of Patrick's voice, Wayne quickly crouched down. Then Patrick, his spear at his waist, rushed at him.
Patrick's spear pierced the wound in his stomach that Wayne had slashed open.


The troll lets out a cry of pain.
Wayne, who was crouched between the troll and Patrick, grabbed Patrick's spear and twisted it deep into the troll's stomach with all his strength.

The troll shouted even louder, and as his chin was up, Wayne thrust his two-handed sword at his throat.
With a cracking sound, a large amount of blood dripped down, turning Patrick and Wayne red.
Then, slowly, the troll fell onto his back.

'Tony, cut the troll's head off.
Patrick ordered in a tired voice.