9-Soldier's Job 4

'Yes, sir!'
Tony pulled out his two-handed sword and swung it down at the troll's neck.
After a few swings, the head finally separated from the body.

'Is everyone hurt?'
Patrick's voice said,
'Just a few scrapes and bruises, no one is seriously hurt. '

'Good! Is Wayne okay?'
'Yeah, thanks for the help, platoon leader!
Wayne responds with a half-hearted smile.

'But we're not so lucky to run into a troll so close to King's Landing, are we?
Everyone nodded at Patrick's words.
'At any rate, I'll bring back the troll's head and report it! Get ready to move out.

'That's the end of the report, sir! Colonel!'
Patrick said,

'Good work! We'll take care of the rest. Go back and rest.'
A blue-eyed man with a bald head and a body like a barrel replied.
'Huh! Excuse me, sir.'
Patrick saluted and left.

'Trolls in the woods nearby. What do you think?'

'I don't like the sound of that, I hope it's a stray, what do you think Colonel Leadon?

'If they're stragglers, fine, but if they're scouts, that's troublesome. Trolls usually act in groups of three or so, don't they? Worst case scenario, there could be two more lurking around.'

'How long will you send out to investigate?

'A squadron, with ballistae for movement. I'll leave it to you to decide which squadron to send out.

'Yes, sir! Right away!

Patrick and his men reported back with the heads of the trolls and slept like dirt, exhausted.

The next day, Patrick was awakened by a commotion in the barracks.
'Hurry up and bring me a tankard!
'No bandages yet? Hurry up!
'Pull yourself together! Stay awake! Don't fall asleep!
Shouting and running footsteps.

I walked out of the private room and headed towards the sound, only to see a soldier on a stretcher on his way to the first aid room.
'Hey, what's going on?
Patrick grabbed a nearby private and asked him a question,

'A company that went out to investigate encountered two trolls and destroyed them in combat, but 15 people were injured, including three seriously. We've just returned.
And with that, he left.

(If they went out to investigate right after that, they arrived in the evening? Did they fight at night?⁉︎ Who was the commander? No matter how slow a troll is, a night battle is not a good idea! You said there were two of them? What were you going to do if you got pinned down?)

Even though trolls are slow, they can't run in the forest at night. If he ran, he would surely sprain his ankle. A stone or a branch could easily twist his ankle.
When it comes to walking, a troll with a wide stride is faster.
Therefore, in the forest, the theory is to fight by day.

(Didn't you learn that in your military training? Were you impatient for success? Or were you attacked while camping? I guess it's too late to tell. )