10-Soldier's Job 5

'Hmm, what do we do now?'
'Colonel Leadon, what can I do for you?
'Well, I've ordered a company to investigate, but do we go into the woods in the evening? I don't know what Ensign Scott was thinking. Wouldn't they normally camp in front of the forest and enter the forest early in the morning? A night fight in the woods at night is like going to your death. Bring me his battle record.

'They're all goblins... we had a different company the other day with the orcs. Did you think the trolls were big goblins? At all.'
'I'm sorry, sir. It was my fault for ordering him to go out.
'No, it was because he was available, wasn't it? Rather, it's the one who raised him to Ensign. Well, that being the case, go get some of the soldiers who survived this battle, and we'll conduct an interview.
Colonel Leadon's first officer said,
'Yes, immediately.
And then he left.

Testimony 1
'Don't be afraid, Ensign, a platoon of Trolls could defeat them. We're a company, and we even have ballistae... there's no way we can lose! I was told that...''

Testimony 2
'Are you serious about the night battle in the forest? They're big and slow! If we run, we're faster! And they're big, so they're good targets for the ballista. You can hit them all you want! He laughed at me...'

Colonel Leadon's head snapped up as he listened.

He was a thin, lanky man with long golden hair and green eyes, dressed in a sparkling military uniform. The man with the arrogant personality exuding from his face, Ensign Scott went to the call from the Colonel in a good mood.
After all, he had destroyed two trolls. There were a few injuries, but that's the way battle is.
'Maybe I'll get promoted to lieutenant.
I whispered, lifting the edge of my mouth to let out a whisper.

'Ensign Scott Pagenaud! What the hell have you been learning?'
Colonel Leadon's first words were this.

Ensign Scott had no idea what he was talking about,
'How to defeat the enemy, sir?
He asked back.

'You idiot! How dare you say such a thing when you have 15 wounded and 3 dead!
The three seriously injured did not survive.

The three seriously wounded didn't survive. Ensign Scott, who was shouted at, got angry and said back.
'Injuries and deaths are inevitable in a battle with demons! It's important to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible!

'Is it combat to just charge in without a plan? That's bullshit! That's called suicide!

'That was just the inexperience of those who died in battle, I'm not responsible for that! The others were injured, even the idiot who ran and fell! I didn't train hard enough!

'It's common knowledge that if you fight in the forest at night, you'll slip on rocks and branches! That's why you were taught not to fight at night in the forest!
'I didn't fall, sir. I've been training hard!
'That's just a coincidence!
'No, I don't fall and I don't die.

'That's ridiculous! Enough! Back off!

'So, who promoted that idiot to Ensign?

'Yes, Rear Admiral Jonathan Newgarden. Apparently, he's a relative of the Major General.'
'That pig Rear Admiral. I knew his face was disgusting.'

'What can I do for you, sir?
'Contact Lieutenant General Penske and have him take him down. We'll never have enough soldiers if we keep using that idiot! That idiot should be demoted to sergeant!

'd*mn it! What are you, a colonel? You haven't even seen me, and you're so high and mighty! I don't care how many of my men die or get injured! I don't care how many people die or get hurt! What's wrong with the nobles making the most of it! I'm a future Major General, no, a future General! You're a colonel! Watch and see, if you ask your uncle, he'll demote you in a heartbeat!

The next day,

'Sergeant Patrick Rigsby promoted to second lieutenant.
Rewarded with five gold pieces.'

'Promotion of Sergeant Wayne Kimball to the rank of Master Sergeant.
Awarded three gold pieces.'

"Second Lieutenant Scott Pagenaud demoted to Sergeant.

A letter of resignation was issued.