My name is Wayne.
Wayne Kimball.
Rank of sergeant.

Sergeant is the lowest rank in the nobility.
I volunteered for the army, joined the Royal Army, and met a man.
His name was Patrick. He was a nobleman like me.
He had unusual black hair and dark eyes, but with an ordinary face that could be found anywhere and a slender build of about 5'8", he was anything but ordinary.

First of all, it was difficult to find out where he was.
It's not that he has little presence, it's that he has almost none.
On top of that, he's in a place where he's hidden from people, so it's not easy.

When I go to a diner, I am eating in a halfway populated place, neither crowded nor empty, and I can somehow recognize that there is a person there, but I cannot recognize Patrick.

If I go into the woods, I can hear him, but I don't know where he is, and sometimes he's right next to me, and many times I thought my heart would stop.

Martial arts are moderate.
Even in training, I'm better than the average soldier, but when it comes to fighting demons, I can deliver the coup de grace. But when it comes to fighting demons, he is a man who shines.
I truly believe that it was thanks to Patrick that I became friends with such a man, experienced a real battle, and saved my life.

If he hadn't made the breakthrough, I'd probably already be on the other side.
I can't let him beat me! and started to train myself hard. I hope my skills have improved a bit.

Anyway, where did he go?

He was behind that tree again...