12-Sergeant Milko

My name is Mirko.
I'm a corporal in the royal army.

I'm a commoner. I joined the army and started as a private.
Well, it's easy to go from private to first class. You only have to go through two real battles to become a private.

Well, a lot of people get injured in two battles and get discharged.

From there, I fought hard to stay alive for 10 years. I finally got promoted to corporal.
Now I'm a squad leader.

Now I'm a squad leader. When you become a squad leader, you get two subordinates. I have a private and a private.
My boss is an aristocrat named Ensign Patrick.

He's a small, unreliable man who's just come of age and doesn't have much presence, but that's not the point.
He's a very brave platoon leader when the time comes.

One more person who deserves special mention is Sergeant Wayne, the squad leader of the same platoon.
Sergeant Wayne is also a nobleman, but this one is a real nobleman! He's tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, and handsome enough to make a man sigh.
It's so handsome that it almost makes you think there's an aura emanating from his back.
He's strong and fast, and he's so dependable that you'll wonder if he's really just come of age.
The battle with the trolls was almost defeated by these two, and without them, I would have been a corpse in the forest.
I was lucky to be in a good platoon.

So where's the platoon leader? I've been looking for you for half an hour.
Hmm? Is that Sergeant Wayne? Why would he go behind a tree?

Oh, I finally found the platoon leader.