13-new order

About a month after the troll defeat, I was resting behind a tree at the end of my training.
A pleasant breeze was blowing just right behind the tree.

'Ensign Patrick! Your battalion commander has ordered you to report.'
Wayne called out, shaking his blond hair.

'Order to report? What did I do?

'I don't know! I was just told to go get him.'
As he spoke,

'Ensign Patrick! The battalion commander wants you to report immediately!
Corporal Mirko came running up to me and said.

'The battalion commander is well aware that you are hard to find. He even sent out a message to the two of you.'
Wayne said, and Corporal Mirko chuckled.

'I don't mean to hide, but...'
And with that, he made his way to the battalion commander.


'If you don't mean to hide, why are you all the way behind the tree?
Wayne asked Corporal Mirko's question,
'I'm not sure I'd be able to find him if he moved with the intention of hiding,' Wayne muttered.


'Street sweeping, sir?'
Patrick asked back.

'Mm! In ten days, His Royal Highness the Dauphin is going to visit the Marquess of Dixon in the south. Before that, I want you to clean up any bandits or demons that might be bothering him. Here are the orders!

He handed a piece of paper to Patrick.