14-cleaning operation

It's an absolute for a soldier.

Now that Patrick's a second lieutenant, he has a company of men.

A platoon of 10 men is a company of three.
There were 30 men, plus Patrick and 10 Transportation Corps (a unit that transported and escorted food and supplies. In total, 41 men make up a company.

'How should we clean up?

Each platoon leader was gathered for a meeting.
'What do you think Wayne?
I ask Wayne, who is in charge of one platoon of Patrick's company.

'The demons can be eradicated as needed, but the problem is the bandits.
The bandits are the robbers that appear on the streets, and in most cases, they attack the carriages of merchants in groups and rob them of their goods.
They kidnap children and women, and kill men. According to the order, more than 50 bandits are spreading and they are attacking not only merchants but also noblemen's carriages these days.

In the case of noblemen, the purpose is ransom, and if word gets out that a nobleman has been kidnapped, the nobleman's reputation will be ruined, so the nobleman seems to pay the ransom without reporting it to the government.

The baron's son, who had no money, was kidnapped, and he cried out to the state, and the state finally found out about it.
The government tried to capture him by hiding at the ransom delivery place, but he was easily found out, and later his head was exposed in a park in the royal capital, which shook the prestige of the country.

Since then, the military has been investigating the streets on a regular basis, but they have not been able to capture him yet.

'How did the military investigate?
'Apparently, they just paraded through the streets with a company. And the only thing they reported was that the bandits were too afraid to come out.

'Are there only idiots here?
'If they knew it was an army, they wouldn't have come out without something to take.
'Even if they take the weapons, they'll be traced when they sell them.
Then we discussed this and that.

Tomorrow will be a preparation day, and we'll leave early in the morning the day after tomorrow. I want you all to be ready!
With Patrick's words, the meeting ended.
Each platoon leader began to move.