16-after the attack

'Report! 51 enemies defeated! One captured. 2 of our men were killed, 3 wounded. That's all!

'Who was killed in action?

'Private Ed and Corporal Carter, sir.'

'Well... who were the three wounded?

Their arms were cut off, but they're alive. They've already been treated.'

The rest of you will interrogate the one we captured and search the bandits' stronghold. There may be some citizens who are being held captive.''

Wayne approached Patrick with a gloomy look on his face,
'Don't be so downhearted, Pat. Two casualties is pretty good for a battle with that many people, right?

'Wayne, I know, but still. I just think you could have done a little better. I feel bad for their families.''
Wayne pats Patrick on the shoulder with a bitter expression and heads back to his carriage.

The heads of the bandits are all removed and packed into the returning carriage. This is the so-called proof of defeat.
These heads will be exposed in a certain place in the capital.

And no one noticed that there was a tall man with brown hair fleeing from the forest at full speed.