'So? Where's your hideout?'

'Heck! I'm not gonna tell you! We're going to get killed anyway! You'll have to do your best to find it!
The captured bandit says.

And then Patrick comes,
'How's it going? Did you throw up?
He asks,
'No, sir. He won't throw up. Even if I hit him, he'd just say something hateful.'
The soldier replies.

'Maybe I should try it.
Patrick laughs as he says it.

'And? You're not going to tell me, are you?'
The bandit, his face swollen,
'If I'm dead if I tell you and dead if I don't, then why would I tell you?

'Well, yes. Then you'd better keep your mouth shut. I'll let you get rid of the stress.'
Patrick smirks at that.

He holds a needle in his hand.
He sticks the needle between his fingernail and finger.
Even his allies, the soldiers holding the bandit, smile.
The bandit cries out in pain.
'I'm not going to throw up like this!

He peels off his nails with pliers.

After removing 20 nails, he crushed the bones of his fingers with pliers.

Next, he took out a hammer and smashed the base of his fingers.

Next are the shins, elbows, and knees. Around these points, the bandit faints, but you hit him to wake him up.
The work was done carefully so that no blood would be spilled.

The bandit, who had been screaming at first, only trembled when he saw Patrick after he was knocked out.
Even his own men were trembling.

'I'll tell you...I'll tell you!

'You don't have to tell me! I don't care if you hurt me more first. I'm trying so hard not to die, not to bleed out! I'm not done yet.

Without changing his expression, Patrick pulls out a bottle.

A potion.

It's a potion made by the elves. A potion that heals wounds instantly.
But for some reason, it doesn't work on serious, life-threatening conditions.

There are many theories, such as that it is not enough for life-threatening wounds to heal mental wounds, or that it is to protect the elves' demand for healing magic.

There is also a rumor that the elves sell only degraded versions of this rather expensive medicine to the humans, which they do not use themselves.
I used this medicine on three of my wounded men and treated them.

If you force the bandit's mouth open and make him drink the potion, he will be healed in no time.

'Well, let's do another round.
Patrick says with a refreshing smile.

'I will! Let me tell you.

'Hey, my company commander, you're scary.
'I'll never go against you.
'Me neither!
The voices of the soldiers who had been holding him down echoed quietly.