20-the road to marquisdom

The road to the Marquess of Dixon's domain was uneventful.
He freed up one of the wagons, loaded the three of them, and managed to push the rest of the luggage into the rest of the wagons, while slaying the goblins, big boars, orcs, and green bears that appeared on the way.

'That's just the Royal Army, isn't it? Orcs and Green Bears killed in the blink of an eye.
There was a glint of respect in the eyes of the ten year old boy.
Patrick said,
Patrick said, 'My Wayne is quite good at it!
Patrick said,
'You're right, Wayne is quite good! (No, no, in Wayne's shadow, you killed as many as he did, didn't you?)
Carlos said.
'Because our company commanders and platoon commanders are strong! (Especially the company commander!)'
' says the soldier driving the wagon.

'Order! The wagon in the front says that a large force has been spotted ahead!
The soldiers tell him.

'How many?

Over a hundred, I'd say.


'No, they say they see a flag!

Flags? Oh, I see. All units halt! It's probably His Excellency the Marquis' troops! Raise the flag too!

'Isn't it?' Patrick asks Carlos.

'Two days since the abduction. I'm sure of it. You're right.